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Sharing the SHAP role

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purplemurple1 Tue 23-Dec-14 12:17:54

Myself and my partner will both be working PT from the new year when DC2 arrives and I'm wondering how others found sharing the SHAP role. We both have flexible work hours and can work from home sometimes, but of course that also means we are both expected to routinely do overtime and just generally be available.

DC1 (17 months) will continue in nursery 3 days a week (6am to 1530), and generally sleeps 8pm to 5am, with a 90min nap in the afternoon. MIL is close by (but 81) and is happy to have DC2 at our or her house, for 10min while we go down and get DC1 from nursery if needed.

How did you split the nights?
And the work in the house?
Did the SHAP manage to work at all while at home with the baby/kids or is that a non starter?
Any tips for avoiding the predicatable arguments?


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