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Does anyone find parenting really lonely? How do you cope?

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HyperThread Mon 22-Dec-14 20:06:31

I've got a 1 year old and I'm a SAHM. I just find it incredibly lonely being at home all day. We do playgroups every morning, but the other times I struggle to find things to do with LO.

How do you manage the loneliness? I don't have any family nor friends near by.

weebigmamma Mon 22-Dec-14 20:16:01

You can go a bit crazy can't you... I overuse Facebook and Twitter! It sounds a bit sad but I try to get out for a walk amongst people every day- even if I'm not socialising with them exactly. A friendly hello from someone can really make your day, and even just normal interactions in Tesco or whatever can help make you feel like part of society. Also- can you get out in the evenings to see friends sometimes? Or even just to do something different that reminds you that you're a person with other interests and other things going on besides parenting. Something I enjoy is writing and getting handwritten letters to/from friends with whom I share interests in things other than kid stuff. I suppose anything that helps keep us connected to the bigger world is a good thing x

squizita Tue 23-Dec-14 16:47:00

I'm on maternity and feel incredibly lonely at times (and have f&f nearby!).
I basically do everything suggested above well dh makes me go out evenings as I'm too mummy guilty!. I have found inviting friends TO my house works well too in the evening. They can have a drink, watch a movie- it doesn't matter if I pop in and out to change a nappy and it's easy if dd is asleep/in bed already.

GingerDoodle Fri 26-Dec-14 17:03:58

I commuted with my DH to get out of the house!! As a result DD learnt to walk on trains and has excellent balance lol she's also very good on public transport. I also go out a lot during the day; even if its just food shopping. Also I find being inactive is a killer - so keep lists of things i want to achieve (load washing, clean rabbit - mundane I know). A good babysitter is also a godsend for the occasional night out..

Mamabear12 Sun 28-Dec-14 10:14:07

It can feel lonely sometimes or boring when you are just with your young one all day long and no adult stimulation! I started going to gym classes and like you say…play groups, baby swim, baby music class etc. Try to make local parent friends so you can meet up with them easily and more often smile

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