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It wasn't teething was something else ! Update

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Dontforgetyourbrolly Mon 22-Dec-14 07:53:38

Just to let you know I posted last week re my 10mo ds.....everyone was saying "oh it's just teething" , I wasn't sure and a kind poster on here said take him to the gp if you are worried because teething symptoms can mask other things. I did , and it was tonsillitis not just teething after all !

That's all . Thank you Mumsnet x

weebigmamma Mon 22-Dec-14 19:19:39

Oh goodness. I missed this thread. What made you suspect it wasn't teething? Mine is (apparently) teething at the minute and he also has a cold but I do think it's teething as he's chewing like mad on things. He has his bottom two teeth already and they were no trouble but nighttimes are a nightmare at the minute. The thing I think is weird is that it's meant to be his top two that come trhough next but there's no sig of them at all. He's knawing on the right hand side of his mouth only and the gum is lumpy there, but I have to admit part of me is a bit worried that it's something else and not the teeth (but I am perma-anxious about everything). Hope your wee one is better soon x

Dontforgetyourbrolly Mon 22-Dec-14 19:33:13

Hi big mamma

Well I'm the same as you , worry about him all the time ( my one and only baby!)

Along with the usual teething signs that you describe He was off his food a bit , not like him at all. Same as your lo , he already had 2 bottom teeth and he never went off his food then. He also refused his milk and he had a temperature and cough. It was when the cough was mire frequent that I decided to take him to out of hours gp ( yesterday) . Dr saw white spots on his tonsils and we have penicillin medicine to give him. He is already much happier and eating and having his bottles.

If you are worried about yours it won't hurt to take him along to get checked out. There is another thread about a type of virus or 'super cold' that is going about.

Ps I got tonsillitis too now arrghhhh x

weebigmamma Mon 22-Dec-14 19:35:57

Oh no, I hope you all feel better very soon!!

Mine is eating like a horse and full of energy during the day (and sometimes the night- argh!). He has a bad cough but no temperature. His cold has been here for about 10 days but I think it's getting better now. I might have a look in his gob myself tomorrow. Thanks! I don't like this 'super cold' idea- I need break soon lol! Think you do too!!

mumofboyo Mon 22-Dec-14 20:17:48

I think I remember reading your original post. Glad you got seen and that you got answers; and, more importantly, your baby is getting treatment smile thanks
We tend to blame a lot of things on teething but, I once read, it shouldn't cause a fever or other signs of illness and that, if simple painkillers or teething gel doesn't help then it could be an actual illness such as a cold or whatever. In my experience, no gp will turn away a baby because, although it's usually nothing, sometimes it could be more serious and children that young can potentially go downhill so quickly.

Glad you listened to your own instincts rather than let others tell you you're an overly fussy new mum.

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