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What is kids' routine on non-school days? Mine (6 and 4yo) seems to be addicted to screen and I hate it.

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meadowquark Sun 21-Dec-14 18:34:42

This is about weekends/school holidays. I am starting to be concerned with their addiction and lack of other interest. If not TV then tablet, if not tablet then phone or computer. That's all they are interested in and they feel "entitled" to it. If I don't allow, then they are bored or squabble with each other to the point of fighting. DS1 (6) does occasionally grab a book or a pen, but not enough. DS2 (4) just follows DS1 or plays with cars, but far too little. We go out but mainly for 2-3 hours (to parks), then we do some crafts with them but I mostly here "boring!" and do most of crafts by myself, with them running away at midway.

Though my main concern is lack of chores/duties for them... DS2 does some chores (makes bed, cleans sink, sorts out shoes). DS1 does occasional washing up. Some helping with cooking. I would like them to have regular chores but don't know how to arrange it. I feel like I am failing as if I don't actively engaged then their time feels wasted and I feel very bad about it. On the other hand I have so much to do in the house when I am off (I work full-time) I cannot spend the whole day entertaining the kids.

Must mention that H is on laptop / TV ALL THE TIME and is a really bad example of "doing nothing". I would throw out TV if I was on my own. I hate H but that is completely different subject.

My question is what do your kids do at home when not at school, what chores do they have, and how much screen time they are allowed?

BackforGood Sun 21-Dec-14 21:35:55

At that sort of age (and for many years afterwards) mine weren't allowed screens during the equivalent of 'school time'. So they could get up and watch some TV then to allow us to lie in and when we had breakfast it went off and wasn't allowed back on until 4ish. Once the rule is established, then it's just what is/isn't allowed - you don't get the arguments each day. Like you, we always used to get out and about each day, and if anyone was bored, I'd always have a list of jobs they could do to keep them occupied - they soon learn to occupy themselves with things they want to do, rather than things you'd like them to do, to help out.

Iggly Mon 22-Dec-14 15:05:34

The chores sound fine to me.

Crafts are a bit dull unless you have a plan. We watch TV every day (5&3) in the holidays but break it up. Ds loves lego and dd likes puzzles so getting those out helps. Also have fresh stuff hidden eg the odd sticker book which they haven't seen before and playing Lego with ds keeps them occupied.

Iggly Mon 22-Dec-14 15:07:02

Also do you have a garden? We went out the other day with decent water proof/warm weather gear and they loved it!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 22-Dec-14 15:14:02

Mine are 6 and 4, also both boys. The only chores they have is to keep their toys tidy, put their own things away after we've been out (coats hung up, shoes in cupboard etc), and they set the table for mealtimes. Apart from that their time is their own.

They mostly have a bit of TV in the mornings, then it goes off and we either go out for a bit - errands or something fun - or if I'm busy at home then they play/draw/read until lunchtime. After lunch they play some more and then the TV goes on around 3pm and will probably stay on until dinner time if they want it to.

Crafts are dull as hell, I wouldn't force them to do that just to make yourself feel better. If you want to spend some time with them then can you do puzzles/lego/marble run - something which they can then also do on their own when you need to be getting on with other things?

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