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Routines with a 6 month old ?

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moomin35 Sun 21-Dec-14 15:17:28

I wondered what your routines with your 6 month old, worried my LO isn't get the right balance of stimulation etc but what should they really be doing or experiencing at this age?

moomin35 Tue 23-Dec-14 17:41:16


Jolay100 Tue 23-Dec-14 19:34:29

Mine in almost 7 months. We finally have a daily routine since weaning started, roughly:breast feed, get showered/dressed, breakfast, nap, breastfeed, play, lunch, nap, play, breast feed, nap, play, tea, bath, breastfeed bed....
We do monkey music once a week and swimming once a week, some of the playing is out and about seeing people for lunch /coffee, the
Last nap is often in the pram out for a walk. Most of the play at home involves chewing Sophie giraffe or tearing up wrapping paper. But knocking down towers and banging cups together is popular too. I think a lot of the stimulation at the moment is for weaning / finger foods. What do you do?

sleepingdragon Tue 23-Dec-14 20:14:11

I came on here for ideas for my 6 month old, but here is what we do in case it helps: 2 or 3 naps per day, one 2 hours after waking, one lunchtime and one mid afternoon, but the second two have started to merge into one longer nap and an overtired baby in the evening! It suits us to keep things low key between waking in the morning and the first nap, he spends lots of time rolling around on the bed, watching his mobile while I get a bit more sleep then get up and dressed. Then he sits in his bouncy chair playing with toys while i get breakfast ready and clear up. After the first nap we usually do something, either a group a couple of times a week, meeting friends or a walk in the park. Out nearest park has one of those round flat net swings in the toddler section (so with small holes) and I have just started lying him on and swinging him when the park isn't too busy. My DS loves smiling at random people, and we both get a bit grumpy by mid afternoon if we don't get out each day, although sometimes we are only out the house for 15 mins or so to pop to the shop and walk back via the park. While we are home I do interact with him pretty constantly, but he is happy watching me e.g. cook in the kitchen as long as I am talking to him and he can see what I'm doing. We tend to see friends with older children once or twice a week or so. DS seems to like seeing them, although they tend to mainly wave toys at him and shout in his face!

By mid afternoon my DS needs to be held/ interacted with constantly or have a very rewarding toy to play with (with lots of noise and flashing lights). He loves music, and I do lots of singing and bouncing him around, amd rhymes where i touch parts of his body or wave his arms and legs around. we also dance around the room, or read books, or i help him play with some of the toys he can't manage on his own yet. He has just started sitting, and he is still entertained by sitting in my legs playing with a toy from a new perspective for a while. I also give him lots of massages, we usually do a naked one before bed (unless he is really tired) and sometimes do fun massages during the day through his clothes.

He has just started getting into watching TV/ and youtube videos on my phone. I have only used them so far to distract him when he has been in lots of pain with teething, or when hanging out with friends older children. We've also been given a bouncer and a walker toy, that he's just started using for short periods and loves both.

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Wed 24-Dec-14 00:42:47

Sorry to hi-jack but can I ask how long your DC's sleep at night without waking up for a feed? I'm trying to start a routine with my 6mo but her sleep is still so random I'm struggling. Thanks.

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Wed 24-Dec-14 00:45:26

To answer the question (sorry should have done that first) DD spend a lot of time sitting up then moving herself in to crawling postion but then not moving. Chewing anything in reach.
watching other kids and babies.
babbling to herself and her toys.

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