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When to have baby #2

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Roxie85 Sat 20-Dec-14 23:00:37

My dd turns 1 on Xmas eve and both me and dh have agreed that we would like another at some point.

I am finally getting out of the 'oh my god this parenting lark is hard I don't know if I could ever do this again' stage and although I don't want to start ttc just yet, I am at a point where I can see it happening again and I wonder when is the right time.

I return to work full time in the new year and dd will start nursery. I want a new job as I hate where I am now so I am conscious of weighing everything up in my mind before talking to dh.

I worry that if I don't manage to get a new job I will rush into another child to get me away from work and this is not the right thing to do so thinking beforehand when might be right will help me keep focus.

When do I give up looking for new work and resign myself to the idea of staying where I am because it makes more sense financially (and job security wise) if we are going to have another.

I don't want a big gap between #1 and #2 but don't want it to be a nightmare. I think if I got a new job that I liked it would probably hold me off for a while anyway but I'm such a planner and thinker and I am now babbling........

Any age gap recommendations? Have a thought in my mind of having #2 when dd is a few months over 2yrs, is that a nightmare age gap? Would mean ttc in June/July when dd is 18 months, will she become a terror at that age and put us off #2?

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