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11 week old with bronchialitis

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LittleKirk Sat 20-Dec-14 17:35:16

Hi ladies

I just need some advice about my little one who has had a nasty cold which turned into bronchialitis.

He's got the stuffy nose and horrible cough and we are using what we can to help him with that at the moment (saline drops and spray and a humidifier).

I've seen the GP more times than I can count but I'm still worried and I haven't been given any helpful advice from the GP about it other than its a virus- it will pass.

first off he can't breath (gp said its his chest that I can hear, not his nose which is ridiculous as his nose is in fact running) but we are helping him with that as best as we can. is there anything else we can do?

and secondly I'm worried about the amount he sleeps and that he doesn't take much of his bottle. He's taking over half so the doctor isn't worried but it's not as much as usual as he would usually finish the bottle.

Any advice would be helpful xxx

LIZS Sat 20-Dec-14 18:11:06

Clear his nose before he feeds, he still won't take the usual amount though. Can you prop him up a bit to sleep (put books under the cot legs at head end). There isn't a lot more you can do other than treat the symptoms as you are but if he is vomiting a lot and not feeding, gasping for breath and sucking in tummy under his ribs do seek ooh or A and E attention.

cauliflowerfairy Sat 20-Dec-14 21:11:33

Aww hun .. Feel for you

My daughter developed this at 12 days and had to spend a week in hospital on oxygen, was a living hell. They wanted to do septic work up n all sorts even though it was obviously due to rsv of that winter.

All I remember was loads of fluids helped... Lying her to sleep with head raised so fluid could drain... Also it sounded/appeared worse than it was if you get my meaning.. And the hospital used those industrial things to suck mucus out of her nose but you can get manual ones cheap from Boots?

Loads of steam baths helped, or just being in a steamy room helped her more than anything .

Sorry that's not helpful at all really!! All I can say is my little one is exceptionally robust and hardly ever gets ill now it is all great for immune system!:-) hope your lo gets better soon x

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