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MMR and ear infection

(8 Posts)
CarrotPuff Fri 19-Dec-14 19:34:55

My 13mo DS had his MMR jab 2 days ago. He did have a cold at the time, which I mentioned to the nurse, but she said if he doesn't have fever he can still have it. He didn't so we went ahead.

Today in the afternoon I discovered he had 38.5 degree fever and he was pulling at his ear.

I'm really worried now. I foolishly googled MMR side effects and read some horror stories about toddlers dying in their sleep...

He is asleep now which is not ideal as I can't monitor his temperature. I did give him Calpol but that was just before bedtime.

Please help...

PortofinoVino Fri 19-Dec-14 21:21:14

It's an ear infection - nothing to do with the MMR. Do NOT Google unless you want the shit scared out of you grin

CarrotPuff Sat 20-Dec-14 09:11:54

I know it has nothing to do with it. I'm just worried because if he had fever on the day, he wouldn't have had the vaccine as he would have been too ill. I guess the fact that this is a different vaccine as it has live virus/bacteria is making me a bit more anxious. If he's fighting ear infection it might be too much for his immune system... I don't know...

I kept going in and sticking thermometer into his ear every hour or so. It was fluctuating 38.2-38.8. And then he woke up at 1am and when I went in to calm him down I could tell the fever was gone. I didn't take his temp though but he felt much cooler.

This morning he woke up with 38.4 again, but it went down after Calpol. I guess I'll just have to wait and see and if he's not better by Monday give GP a call.

I'll definitely stay away from Google... There seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding MMR vaccine, so lots of scare stories. I'm personally pro-immunisations, but it still doesn't stop the worry!

mimilovell Thu 08-Jan-15 03:01:31

Kids Given Vaccines Have 22 Times the Rate of Ear Infections

I hope this link gives you a good scientific reason to why children are more likely to suffer from ear infections after receiving a vaccine.

Horopu Thu 08-Jan-15 03:49:15

If you do read the link about read this one too:

Hope your baby feels better soon.

Horopu Thu 08-Jan-15 03:50:01

Sorry, that should say the link above

Mozza2013 Thu 08-Jan-15 09:00:30

My DS had 12 month MMR jab just before Christmas. For the first 2 days after he was vomiting on and off plus off his food. That cleared up but after 10 days or so he developed a high temperature for 5 days plus also got a bit of a rash on his tummy. Dosed him with calpol and nurofen to control the temperature and suddenly one morning he was better ( despite his temperature being nearly 40) the night before. It is a live vaccine so mild reactions not uncommon I don't think. Look for the usual signs of being very poorly ( floppy, not drinking etc) and if worried take to GP I suggest. Hope that helps.

CarrotPuff Thu 08-Jan-15 12:58:46

Thanks mimi, but I think ear infection is a lesser evil of a child having a disease it's vaccinated against? I've heard of a 4mo baby dying of whooping cough because its parents were against vaccinations. Well, I am not.

I'm not sure it was an ear infection tbh. The fever lasted 2 days and disappeared as suddenly as it began. So could have been just a reaction to jab, but I thought if he had one it would have happened after 7-10 days as they said? Oh well, maybe not.

We went to GP the following Monday (about something else) and he did check his ears and said all was clear.

He didn't have any other reactions at all, it's been 3 weeks since the jab now and he seems to be perfectly fine.

Thank you for your replies!

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