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Teether for wrist

(4 Posts)
princessleiaoflondon Fri 19-Dec-14 01:28:17

My LO is 3 months and it looks like she is already feeling the pain of teething. She can't deliberately pick up an object to chew on yet, and she finds it difficult to keep hold of something that I give to her. I was thinking that if she had a teething toy attached to her wrist, she would be able to lift that to her mouth. However I cannot find such a thing anywhere. Has anyone come across such a thing?

wheresthelight Fri 19-Dec-14 02:42:27

Google gumigem as they do teething braclets that are silicone and perfectly safe, my dd loves my necklace send they have some stunning designs

PoppySausage Fri 19-Dec-14 02:49:14

Dd loved her Sophie giraffe. Not attached but she hugged it and chewed its head

pinkglitter80 Fri 19-Dec-14 18:40:03

there is a mitten one - gummi mitten or gummee glove or something. or neckerchew on a bib

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