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I am the worst mother ever!

(32 Posts)
Kelly008 Mon 15-Dec-14 20:54:48

To cut a long story short I was putting lo in to the bath and had her against a towel on my chest and I put what I Thot was the towel between my
Teeth to pull away so it didn't go in the bath whe she let
Out the most heart wrenching scream. I bit her finger .... shock The poor tho g. She was fine after a cuddle and nice bath thankfully but I felt horrible and almost cried with her. What woopsie moments have you ha ?

Kelly008 Mon 15-Dec-14 20:55:47

Sorry for the spelling mistakes damn iPhone auto correct

EatShitDerek Mon 15-Dec-14 20:57:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cathpip Mon 15-Dec-14 21:01:37

I hit my 8 month old in the nose this morning whilst trying to get master wriggle pants into a pair of trousers. He was very sad, there were proper tears and everything sad

Swingball Mon 15-Dec-14 21:01:39

I caught a couple of inches of her skin in a zip.

Fisharefriendsnotfood Mon 15-Dec-14 21:02:56

I left my baby in the post office. Beat that grin

Kelly008 Mon 15-Dec-14 21:03:28

lol love these stories ... I wonder what they be thinking. grin

IAmAPaleontologist Mon 15-Dec-14 21:04:18


I have far too many moments to count, they start to stack up as children multiply and somehow you don't stop injuring them as they get older. I kicked ds1 in the head the other day trying to step over him. I shut his hand in the car door a few weeks ago too come to think of it, properly slammed it shut. good job fingers are quite squashable, he has his hand over the squishy seal part of the door too which helped. I still bash ds2's head on the car when lifting him into his seat, I reckon it is his fault, he keeps getting taller and moving the goal posts. Trying to think what I've done to dd recently, not sure. I did dislocate her elbow helping her to get up a few years ago though. And then put her to bed with some calpol thinking she'd be ok in the morning blush.

drinkyourmilk Mon 15-Dec-14 21:04:27

The number of times I've boshed a head against a door frame by accident is embarrassing!

Shedding Mon 15-Dec-14 21:05:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

m0therofdragons Mon 15-Dec-14 21:07:46

I bounced my baby up in the air to woosh her off a change table and into my arms in a fun way at a baby group. .. didn't notice the corner shelf until I'd whacked dd's head on it fsad she now 7 and there's no obvious damage x

TheWomanTheyCallJayne Mon 15-Dec-14 21:08:57

Shut my sons fingers in the hinge side of the door

Notfastjustfurious Mon 15-Dec-14 21:11:51

Hmm dd1 - shut the car boot on her head and her hand in the door (not on the same day) opened a door and knocked her over. Dd2 regularly gets her head bumped getting in the car seat, dd3 is just a baby so she's only been dunted by the iPad a few times - so far.

FourthMary Mon 15-Dec-14 21:12:03

I bit his finger really hard, when he was sharing his toast with me, will never forget the 'you bitch' look he gave me before he howled.

Also shut all of his fingers in the car door. Door completely shut, fingers on the inside, hand on the outside. Thank god for the foam bit.

Also opened cupboard door on his head, leaving a nasty bump.

There are unfortunately more, but hopefully you are feeling better now grin

girliefriend Mon 15-Dec-14 21:14:06

I dropped my dd on her head once blush she was about 14 months I think.

Last year (7yo) she was just at the right height for my elbow to knock her in the eye if she was stood behind me blush I managed to do this a few times!

lunar1 Mon 15-Dec-14 21:16:58

I hit ds2 in the chest last week, he spent the rest of the day asking why did you smack me mummy?

Babiecakes11 Mon 15-Dec-14 21:31:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Festivelybereft Mon 15-Dec-14 21:40:39

Pulled the door mat out from under Ds when he was a toddler causing him to bonk down concrete steps head over heels.

Shouted at him for climbing the tree so high causing him to panic and fall out resulting in a broken wrist.

Left him in the empty trolley at the supermarket and driven away.
Noticed someone had left a baby, glanced back in the empty baby seat realising it was me.

It's pure good luck he reached adulthood.

JeanetteDanielsBenziger Mon 15-Dec-14 21:46:05

I elbowed DD in the jaw the other week. :-(
I was flinging myself onto the sofa, she went for the same spot.
It really hurt my elbow so must have really really hurt her, I cried more than she did. Poor wee thing.

LetticeKnollys Mon 15-Dec-14 22:03:27

At least you didn't drop him face first into the big bath like I did a few weeks ago. shock

Well, I didn't drop him, he flipped out of my hand because he started flailing about while I was washing him so he didn't fall from a height IYSWIM, I think if the latter had happened it would have finished me off.

Good job they have a dive reflex when they're that age. fblush

MyIronLung Mon 15-Dec-14 22:03:48

When dd (17) was 3 day old (yes 3 days old!) I hit her head on a wooden door frame! She was cradled in my arms and I misjudged the width as I walked through. I cried so much sad

53Dragon Mon 15-Dec-14 23:50:04

Blimey - mine are 19 and 21 now but I did several terrible things to them when they were tiny! Let ds1 roll off the bed when he was 3 months old, nearly choked ds2 to death when I threw a rolled up bit of paper right into his mouth and it lodged in his throat. Too many minor mishaps to remember. But they survived!

KitKat1985 Wed 17-Dec-14 17:17:08

I'm currently feeling mega guilty as I was trying to clip DD's nails earlier (she's 3 months) whilst she was sleepy and not moving much and somehow caught the tip corner of her finger instead in the clipper. She cried so much and now has a tiny bruise and a spot of blood on the end of her finger. I swear I nearly cried too. Feeling very guilty and too scared to finish the job in case I do it again so she now has 3 short nails and 7 long ones.

Itsgoingtoreindeer Wed 17-Dec-14 17:20:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CoffeeChocolateWine Wed 17-Dec-14 17:22:55

Yesterday morning on the way to school my DS (6) was struggling with the zip on his coat and asked me for help. It was quite stiff and I had a bit of a battle with it, really trying to force it up but it wasn't moving. Then suddenly it did. It went up so fast I accidently punched DS in the mouth and gave him a fat bleeding lip. OMG did I feel bad...I felt awful. Like the worst mum ever sad

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