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Calpol and ibuprofen

(9 Posts)
Ringovandingo Thu 11-Dec-14 13:21:28

I can't remember please can someone jog my memory?

You can give them two hours apart can't you but only 4 x each in 24 hours?

TrousersSchmowsers Thu 11-Dec-14 13:22:54

Calpol up to 4x in 24 hours.

Some ibuprofens are 3x in 24 hours at least 6 hours apart.

Ringovandingo Thu 11-Dec-14 13:30:02

Thank you just checked her prescription and it is 3x times a day

But I can give it 2 hours after calpol?

I've never had to give the two together before

TheGirlAtTheJingleBellRockShow Thu 11-Dec-14 13:35:07

They work differently so can be given together. Calpol 4xday, ibuprofen 3xday. Stagger doses to spread the effect.

Ringovandingo Thu 11-Dec-14 13:42:35

Thank you

WhyOWhyWouldYou Thu 11-Dec-14 13:46:16

You can give at the same time - its totally safe. The 2hrs apart thing is just to try and maximise pain relief (as one wears off the other will be at peak effectiveness), so good to do but not essential.

beckiebee04 Sun 14-Dec-14 23:12:27

Yea four hours apart but calpol and nurofen can actually be give together with 20min gap , then every 4 hours

Woodenheart Sun 14-Dec-14 23:17:51

My DD always gets a bad runny tummy with the Ibuprofen so I try not to use it much, but yes they can be used together.

PurpleWithRed Sun 14-Dec-14 23:21:05

How old is dc? Have you been advised to give both?

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