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What's your typical day?

(2 Posts)
slushie Thu 11-Dec-14 10:08:26

With your 18 month old?
I don't feel like I do enough with dd so was just wondering?

Innocuoususername Thu 11-Dec-14 16:14:42

My toddler is older than this but the basic pattern is still the same. Up and out somewhere for 9:30-10, this could be a toddler group, meeting a friend, library, park, or sometimes a chore like going to the supermarket. Back home for lunch and nap, then usually pottering around playing at home (toys, colouring, play doh, messing in the garden). Little bit of TV then tea and bed.

I found getting out somewhere everyday was a sanity saver but it doesn't need to be anywhere too exciting or energetic (I was pregnant with DC2 when DC1 was 18 months, so energy was in short supply). At this age lots of mundane things are really interesting. We would go on the world's slowest walks and pick up every stick and leaf along the way, spot numbers on the houses, at this time of year we used to wrap up and go out at dusk to look at the neighbours' Xmas lights smile

I think as long as you have a mixture of physical activities (to wear them out!), mixing with other children, and time for free play/pottering at home, you're probably getting it about right.

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