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Anyone else struggling this winter? Mine are 3 and 6 yo. And driving me nuts.

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Honesttodog Wed 10-Dec-14 16:51:08

I am so irritated with my kids. Endlessly hungry for shitty snacks. Whine till you give them. Then won't eat. Whine for screens. Cry if I sggest we get rid of toys they don't wantto play with. Grumpy 3 yo. 6yo forever flouncing and generally attitudinal. When one is being good, the other invariably starts a fight or snatches a toy etc.

Too cold for playing in playground. I would take them, well bundled up but they don't want to go. Ds has a cold and not really interested in going out to do stuff.

Ds - the 3yo - has a real up and down relationship with au pair so they don't often do stuff together because he is naughty, grumpy and rude to her. She is v patient but it's often easier to let him stay at home rather than drag him out.

Ddis 6, she was outside much more than Ds, but like I say, what is the point in taking them out when they will be miserable? DH took them to ceramic painting the other week, but apparently they got bored v quickly...

Just so fed up. Anyone else want to share a whinge?

mausmaus Wed 10-Dec-14 16:53:13

too cold for playground? really?
ffs coats hats scarves have already been invented.
wrap up warm and go out.
you all will feel better for it!

Honesttodog Wed 10-Dec-14 16:55:43

Spent many years of my life in the Middle East. Snotty little kids in the playground with numb fingers make me say ffs.

MonstersIncq Wed 10-Dec-14 16:58:40

Ignore them! I had exactly this for a while With mine (same age two plus a baby). Constant exhausting winging. Now we do two activities (some sort of outing in morning, something crafty) in the day and all other time they do their own thing (apart from the baby). It was impossible at first, so much moaning and im boreds but now it really works. TBF I have LOADS of sticker books and toys so it isn't hard for them to
Find things to do.

But I do agree winter is fucking awful. Wrapping everyone up is such a mare and theyvl still complain they're cold. Summer is blissful.

But I do agree

Honesttodog Wed 10-Dec-14 16:58:55

Anyway, how do you keep them amused when they are inside?

Honesttodog Wed 10-Dec-14 16:59:23

When you are busy and need to let them get on with playing?

Honesttodog Wed 10-Dec-14 17:01:44

Still not figured out how to ignore physical fighting.

Oh yes my other whinge du jour is that Ds is going thru an "everything is a weapon" phase so I regularly have to use my lightning reflexes to stop him damaging stuff or hurting himself or others.


MonstersIncq Wed 10-Dec-14 17:08:31

Sorry jUst re read your post and you really were just asking for people to have a moan with. I hate on mumsnet when people jump on with unsolicited tips. Hope my post didn't come across like that.

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