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Routine versus normal life and developing socially - 8 week old

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Biscuitplanner Tue 09-Dec-14 14:25:09

I recently started an EASY routine with my baby. She seems to be up for about an hour, half of that time seems to be feeding, nappy - 5 minutes - the active window is TINY! Its helped in that she's much more cheerful and gets to sleep better. BUT With that short window of wakefulness how do I go out, socialise, shop - do anything? I'm worried that the less she is around other people the more nervous she will become socially, and that any fluctuation in routine will throw her off balance. I think she gets a bit nervous around others anyway - she gets tearful after about 5 minutes of handling by new people. So my question:
- how to introduce socialising and normal life out etc with this narrow window? (she doesnt sleep in a pram and does only as long as I keep walking in a sling- ie wakes in shops)
- is it normal for baby not to like being handled by other people that much? How can I help her grow confidence? I dont know if it's me projecting anxiety - but after a couple of minutes on new people she starts crying which makes me think its NOT just my projection.

waterrat Tue 09-Dec-14 17:28:36

Sounds normal to me - honestly she is so so tiny and will change so much as she grows. Some babies just want to be with mum! My dc2 was like this - and once she was six months old she totally changed and would go yo anyone - please don't start worrying that this teeny baby is set in some kind of oattern for life!

At 8 weeks your baby does not need to socialise! But you do!

I know routine can be a life saver but it won't be if it means you can't get out and chat to other adults

As she grows the awake window will
Get longer - but yo be honest I would really recommend you persevere with her sleeping in the buggy otherwise you will find it almost impossible to get out until she is about a year old and drops the morning nap

Don't be a slave to routine or it will drive you crazy - remember babies are adaptable and you need to stay sane

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