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Nose blowing - how do you get a 9month old not to cry?

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LearningAsIGoMummy Tue 09-Dec-14 10:25:06

My 9 month old DD simply hates anyone interfering or faffing with her face. Wiping her face after meals often results in crying, and as she's currently full of cold, nose wiping is a bit of a nightmare.
How do I stop her being frightened of this. The more she pulls her head away, the more the snot spreads and the more wiping required! If she just let me do one little wipe it'd be so much easier.
Any suggestions?

Seeline Tue 09-Dec-14 11:06:25

Hold her head so she can't move away too easily.
Use a wet wipe rather than a tissue - softer and more efficient at removing snot/food/general grot quickly.
I don't think any kid likes it being done grin

NickyEds Tue 09-Dec-14 11:08:43

I now use a flannel and warm water to wipe ds's face after meals (pfbblush). I was guilted into it by my Dad who said "have you ever had your face wiped by one of those horrid cold wipes??". It is much nicer and much less fuss-no crying now. I fear there's nothing to be done about the nose wiping though, I draw the line at using warm flannels for that!! Just put on plenty of Sudocreme in case her nose is actually sore!

AnythingNotEverything Tue 09-Dec-14 11:11:06

You can buys alone wipes that actually dissolve the snot so it comes off easier. They're quite dear (and probably a bit PFB). They have them in Boots and Sainsburys.

You just have to get on with it though. Or try make a game of it. It's not a negotiable thing, really.

LearningAsIGoMummy Tue 09-Dec-14 11:37:36

Thanks for the suggestions. We already do the warm, wet flannel thing after meals. Have tried wet wipes for nose-wiping, but wondered if that might leave nose wet and therfore sorer. Will definitely try a bit of sudocreme.
I know we just have to go for it, but i always feel so mean and she makes such a silly fuss. Just hoping for a magic fix, but I guess no such thing exists. They must get used to it eventually. I'll try the game idea too.
Thanks again.

Blankiefan Tue 09-Dec-14 12:37:51

We make a game of it. Move it in towards her, the wick it away and wipe DH mouth then go back again but move it to yourself instead of her at the last minute. Do it to yourself whilst making noises with your mouth. Touch you, then your DH, then dc etc. May not be hugely hygienic but our take on it is that we all get each other's germs anyway.

She still doesn't love it but she plays along most of the time and sometimes wipes her face herself now (she's 14 mo now tho).

AnythingNotEverything Tue 09-Dec-14 12:53:24

Sorry - I meant saline wipes. They're called Nose Nuzzles I think.

Highlove Tue 09-Dec-14 13:58:08

Same problem here with my 9mo. I find singing one of her favourite songs helps a bit. Or if DH is around, one of us wipes while the other does something silly to make her laugh. Basically whatever it takes to distract her. But I hate it too - it surely can't actually hurt. I'm very gentle!!

luckiestgirlintheworld Tue 09-Dec-14 15:26:20

My 9 month old has a horrible cold. I've been wiping his nose with a wet wipe- and I kind of pinch under his nose with it instead of wipe (I found wiping just wipes it a cross his face so then you have to wipe again to get the rest.) possibly super obvious technique but helped a lot when I realised it

Funkytown Tue 09-Dec-14 15:31:05

of course it would be easier if she stayed still but they love to be difficult lol
i just hold my ds face so he can't move much and one wipe with the wet one and its done.
my pfb i tried every trick and he still cried i thing kids just like to be dirty

Blankiefan Tue 09-Dec-14 22:10:56

Also - use your fingers to squish the snot out then wipe your fingers on a tissue. I do this when she's had a cold for a while and her nose is raw - she never minds.

I'm a minging mum.... We all get the same colds wonder why...

Givemecaffeine21 Wed 10-Dec-14 12:53:37

I uses to make a game of it saying 'beep' and gently touching their nose a few times then as I actually did the main wipe making some silly noise or pulling a face....kinda worked, as in they cry a bit less rather than the ten minute long screaming DS used to do as if I'd tried to chop one of his limbs off. It's one of those things they just get used to, like teeth brushing or hair washes.

AndThisIsTrue Wed 10-Dec-14 14:59:24

We do the sneak attack wipe here. Come from behind and kind of pinch instead of just wiping. If I can do it without him seeing me coming it is over before he has had a chance to make a fuss!

LearningAsIGoMummy Wed 10-Dec-14 16:22:43

Thank you all. I like the stealth attack idea, not so easy when she's sneezed and the snot is hanging, but definitely worth a try!

Trooperslane Wed 10-Dec-14 17:19:31

I do the pinch technique too.

Dh thinks I'm scarring her for life

I actually love it and have a bit of a sporn feeling when she needs a bit of a fingernail in there

Sorry boke. wink

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