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Too many clubs?

(4 Posts)
Rivercam Mon 08-Dec-14 10:02:51

Every family has petty things which you argue about - one of ours are clubs.

I have two boys, year 10 and 8. Both boys do football training one evening per week, plus one match at the weekend. The year 10 also does an after school activit on a Friday, plus tennis lesson at weekend. The year 8 does another sport club in the evening, plus match at the weekend, so they both effectively have two school night activities, and two weekend activities.

They each have free evenings to do homework, plus tend to do it on Sunday afternoon. The year 10 son is generally quite good at getting it all done, the year 8 not so good at homework planning ( ie. Does next week's homework before the less enjoyable this week's homwork, if that makes sense).

Also, I think if you join a club, you should show loyalty and go most weeks. My husband thinks I'm obsessed with clubs, as I say they should always go, and get involved.

My husband also says that we should go for days out to london, go for cycle rides, go to the beach more etc. However, when I suggest this, or plan days out, it's never convenient due to tiredness (usually), 'hates being organised/ having things planned ("weekends are for relaxing and not rushing about") and so we end up doing nothing. [rant over!]

Do the fine people of mums-net land consider this a lot or not? Thanks.

Rivercam Mon 08-Dec-14 18:41:33


seaweed123 Tue 09-Dec-14 20:14:18

Sorry, not going to be much help, as mine is too wee for clubs. But I remember growing up, at similar ages I had something on every night of the week (not weekends though).

I think it is a very positive thing, and I've noticed in adulthood that the people with lots of interesting hobbies have had that habit their whole lives.

I also agree that you need to commit to these things. Are the weekend activities concurrent? That would be ideal, to leave you a day free.

NannyNim Thu 11-Dec-14 13:47:34

At that age I had something on every night of the week and loved it. My mum was also a big believer in loyalty and I had to go every week unless it was a really special occasion or I was ill. It taught me time planning (how to get homework done around my activities), discipline and commitment as well as giving me a wide range of friends.

It doesn't sound from your OP like you're obsessed with the clubs, just that you are committed. There's nothing wrong with missing a tennis lesson though if you have a rare day trip to London planned, though!

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