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10yo wont listen/follow instructions

(3 Posts)
Putthatonyourneedles Mon 08-Dec-14 09:06:56

10yo has four jobs to do
1,tidy her room at the weekend
2,do homework
3,bring uniform down to be washed on Friday evening
4,bring her laundry down when her basket is full/put it away when clean

She just won't co-operate with us. She spent all weekend and I mean alllllll weekend tidying her room as since last weekend it's turned into a hellhole, was acceptable Sunday afternoon when i checked. Went in this morning and its a bloody state yet again.

She won't bring her laundry down, all she has to is literally open her door and throw it down the stairs. Hell she won't even put her laundry in her basket and instead scatters it around her room.

We have tried rewarding her and we have tried punishing her by taking away her ds/tv/internet time. It's been like this for a few years but I'm fed up of it. Any ideas?ps I don't want to hear that kids shouldn't be doing chores etc.

GooseyLoosey Mon 08-Dec-14 09:16:22

I have a 10 and a 11 year old. I expect a little more from mine - they have to clear the table, wash their dishes, put their own washing away, clean out their pets, and generally help me when I ask. They also cook dinner once a week.

That said, last week, I was totally fed up of not getting enough help so I went on strike. If they could not be bothered to do anything, then nor could I. This meant no cooking (they can both cook enough), no tidying, no cleaning, no taxi service, no reminding them what they need when and ensuring they have the right stuff. Nothing. They lasted less than 3 days before they were begging me to resume normal service!

It remains to be seen whether it has had any lasting impact but it certainly has made them active for the last few days.

On the room tidying, I am ruthless. If it is still on the floor or lying about after my deadline, it goes in the bin. On the washing, if it does not find its way into the washing basket, it does not get washed. This includes their sports kits so they do make sure they put them there now.

PortofinoVino Mon 08-Dec-14 17:02:43

Absolutely what Goosey says. Put it n the bin, don't wash it, take to school in pyjamas (you'll only have to do this once grin).

Harden your heart and do it.

(60 years on and I STILL remember the day my Mum cracked and threw all our discarded toys in the bin. The sight of my beloved doll sticking out of the dustbin still haunts me. But I always tidied after that, without fail.........because I knew the consequences shock)

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