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what are your routines?

(5 Posts)
wondermoose13 Sun 07-Dec-14 17:24:42

I have an 8 week old (colic, reflux, ?cmpi)
We are ebf and hes always struggled with feeding so not really got into a regular feed pattern yet
So im just after some ideas of routines that have worked for you at this age and how you went about implementing them
All ideas very welcome as i really feel like im missing out on the first few months of his life as hes such hard work at the moment
Thanks smile

RossIsMyFavouriteFriend Sun 07-Dec-14 18:49:52

We used a version of Gina Ford and it worked brilliantly. DS is a great sleeper and can self settle with no problem. I basically fed him every 3 hours until he started solids (didn't bother stretching it out to 4 hourly feeds as he was happy on 3 hourly routine). Then just started dropping feeds when he seemed ready. I know a lot of people here aren't huge fans of GF but I think if you take the bits you like and ignore the rest, you can make it work. For instance, I never swaddled DS and but the dream feed was crucial in getting him to sleep through. The other routine I took bits from was EASY. HTH - every baby is different so you just need to find the approach that works for you. Good luck x

northernmummeh Sun 07-Dec-14 18:59:28

My dd is 2.9 now but she had really bad reflux with cmpi so if feel your pain. I was ripping my hair out for ages cos it was so bad she barely slept and was at the boob 16 hours a day at its worst.

In all honesty I felt the best thing for us was not to have a set routine and just go with the flow. Fed on demand and cleaned up the vomit strait after, if she slept it was a miracle and If she was having a flair up and needed to be held all day so be it. But we did really try with a nighttime/end of the day routine (it really helpedmy sanity to know the day was almost done and DH was home from work so he did the bulk of it to give me a break) so About 6:30/7 he'd do a quite warm bath, massage, change of clothes and I'd do a quiet feed upstairs and try and put her down.

Bedsheets4knickers Sun 14-Dec-14 23:44:28

I had no regular feeding with either of my 2. My second was a whole heap more colicky . I cut out cows milk changed to goats. . Didn't eat anything diary really nor spicy I saw massive difference . At 8 wks all I did was winding down after bath In baby's bedroom. Same music same lighting . At. 9/10 wks I noticed they napped at same sort of time In mornings

Artistic Mon 15-Dec-14 01:30:37

DD2 is 10 weeks, and I found it very hard up to week 6-7. After that things started changing for the better. Am just going with a routine that works for her.

- 12 hours of night time sleep with 2-3 feeds (longest stretch is 5-6 hours). Swaddling is an absolute must for her or she smacks herself awake!
- very little day time sleep, except an hour after her bath (mid morning)
- few naps here & there is she is tired
- bf every 1.5 to 2 hours (this is hard as she won't feed more than 1 side at a time & can go more than 2 hours between feeds, sometimes less!)

Am hoping she increased her feed capacity & gives me a bit more time between feeds as she gets bigger! She had a lot of wind & silent reflux which has become much more manageable since week 8.

Hope this helps!

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