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Help stopping 8 month old biting

(2 Posts)
boopdoop Fri 05-Dec-14 19:25:00

My DS is 8 months old, he has 6 teeth, which he had by the time he was 6 months... And in the last couple of weeks he's started biting all the time. I have bit marks and bruises from it all over my upper arms and shoulders.

I've tried saying no firmly but he just smiles and laughs. He is worse when he's tired, he constantly bites my arm and shoulder around bed time and when trying to settle him at night, and I think he might be teething a bit... but I don't know how best to stop him doing it.

We went through a few weeks of him biting whist I was feeding but then he seemed to learn "no" and "gentle" and had been fine for 2 months+, but those just don't seem to work with general biting.

Any suggestions grateful received!

wheresthelight Fri 05-Dec-14 22:48:04

My dd goes through that when teething but haven't worked out how to stop it. firmly telling her no and distracting her works for a little while but at 8 months he really isn't old enough for anything other than distracting him unfortunately

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