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Bugaboom Fri 05-Dec-14 14:46:00

My DS is 2.4. He has a dummy for naps and bedtime. I am 36 weeks pregnant and as this helps him to get off to sleep and entices him upstairs for a nap we had no plans to change things. However, the last few nights he keeps losing it out of the side of the cot. I was in 5 times last night replacing it. We have tried a few in the cot but either he rattles them as a distraction to prevent falling asleep or he calls us in the middle of the night to hand over the spares!
So my question is do I bite the bullet and get rid of the dummy? This might risk him dropping the daytime nap (which I want him to hang onto for as long as possible with the newborn on its way) but not sure if I can cope with any more nights like last night. Any advice gratefully received.

Blankiefan Fri 05-Dec-14 15:12:32

Try a sleepytot (google it). It's a bunny with Velcro paws you attach dummies to so they don't get lost.

CalicoBlue Sat 06-Dec-14 15:31:49

I had exactly the same problem with my DS and dummy. I would put several in the cot, but he would still wake up looking for them.

It was a while ago, he is now 17 and does not have them any more.

I think we just managed through it. Though you can get the beads which clip the dummy onto their pj's. That may work.

DS loved his dummy and was 7 when he finally gave it up. He would have it for night time and in long car journeys. Drove me mad. I would try and take it away, after 3 nights of no sleep I gave it back. This happened several times. He finally gave it up when he was going for a sleep over and knew that he could not have it, after that he forgot about it.

Gave one to DD, she did not like it and never had one, just sucked her fingers. Which she still does now when she is tired, at 13. Can't take them away though.

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