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book on stranger danger?

(8 Posts)
oops Mon 09-Oct-06 19:41:55

Message withdrawn

brimfull Mon 09-Oct-06 23:39:46

I got dd on years ago from early learning centre ,it was about 10 yrs ago so don't know if I've still got it,I'll have a look.

brimfull Mon 09-Oct-06 23:43:48

ah,found it.It's called "We Can Say No!"

published by Random House
ISBN 0 09 950960 4

try amazon

fuzzywuzzy Mon 09-Oct-06 23:50:26

I think there's a book called 'the right touch' which has been recommended in the past on here.

magicfarawaytree Tue 10-Oct-06 00:53:07

I have the 'right touch book' it is a read allowed book with your child. Very non scary. I also have 'its my body' lory freeman - a same subject a different slant. both are designed to be read with the child. I also have your body belongs to you cornelia spelman and your body is private ( slightly older age group) linda walvoord girard. they all do the same thing but look slightly different.

magicfarawaytree Tue 10-Oct-06 00:53:41

lol my typing is crap these days. ' read aloud book..'

oops Tue 10-Oct-06 09:58:21

Message withdrawn

grandtoadd Wed 28-Sep-11 19:01:52

At what age do we begin to make a child aware of the dangers of strangers, without harming a young child's natural inclination to see every one as 'safe to be with' -talk to?
And is their a recently published, well reviewed book on the subject -specifically dealing with the latter question?

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