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Sertraline and breastfeeding

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mooncat3000 Tue 02-Dec-14 14:21:10

Hello, I've been prescribed sertraline for depression (I had depression before getting pregnant and was taking fluoxetine until the 7th month of pregnancy). My baby is 11 weeks old. I was hoping not to have to go back on antidepressants, but I've been feeling quite bad so I've decided to try them. My doctor told me to wait three hours after taking the pill before breastfeeding, but all the information I've found online says that peak concentration in breast milk is 7-10 hours after taking the pill, so that would mean it would be worse to BF then than in the three hours after taking it. Does anyone know about this? Also, does anyone have any other experiences or advice to share about taking sertraline and breastfeeding? Would I be better off switching to formula?
Thank you!

Sandberry Wed 03-Dec-14 16:02:03

This is the breastfeeding network factsheet on anti depressants
says sertraline is absolutely safe for breastfeeding mothers and in studies had no adverse effects on babies and was almost always undetectable in their blood.

Hope you feel better soon!

scepticalexpat Thu 04-Dec-14 01:15:36

I took sertraline while breastfeeding for several months- prescribed for PND/ anxiety. The nature of the problem is to make you worry about side effects but my daughter was totally unaffected. hope it helps you-it did me.

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