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Any other nurses who can advise regarding going back to work?

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Writerwannabe83 Mon 01-Dec-14 20:31:22

My DS has just turned 8 months old and I will be returning to work in the middle of January.

I'm a nurse and will be leaving the house at 06.45am and not returning until gone 21.00pm. I'm so worried about how DS will cope without seeing me at and I'm dreading the thought of how much I'm going to miss him.

It doesn't help that I'm still BFing him, just to add another problem into the mix confused

Are there any other nurses out there who can reassure me that DS will be fine?

GorgeousPie Tue 02-Dec-14 19:20:11

I'm sure he'll be fine :-)

My DD is 17mths. I went back to work part time, 2 long days a week when she was 13mths old. We stopped bf'ing the day of my first shift. I really worried about how she'd do, it was a big change for her and she can be a sensitive soul at times. She's been fabulous. When I work days I don't tend to see her at all, she's asleep when I leave and when I get home (though she does sling in the odd early wake up for me). I have a great childminder who she's really warmed to, her nanny also helps at times and the DH works 'normal' hours so does all drop offs, pick ups etc. He enjoys their time together when I'm at work :-)

I worried it'd affect her sleep or eating but no, she has a ball with the other children at the childminders and has come on a bundle in the months I've been back at work. Our relationship hasn't been affected and we both really enjoy our days off together when I've been at work, we go to softplay or catch up with friends etc. If anything, I miss her more! I tend to do 2 days together so that we have long stretches of days off. I also find nightshifts are nice in terms of spending time together but she's often gone to the childminder when I get home in the morning.

Professionally - it was a shock but now it's nice to be back at work, I feel I have quite a nice personal/professional balance with just the couple days a week. I hope all goes well for you! :-)

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