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Please help - 9 month old spitting food - dreading every mealtime

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Youcanneverhavetoomanybooks Mon 01-Dec-14 20:14:39

Just that really - I have tried so many things - letting her play with food on the tray, giving her a toy to play with, giving her finger food while I spoon feed her, watching tv during meals, giving her a spoon, eating with her, not eating with her, putting a tissue in front of her mouth every time it looks like she is about to spit, singing to her (kind of worked actually but I can't do it for every meal!), shouting 'no' at her, ignoring the spitting and getting on with get the picture!!!

She used to be lovely to feed - I know, I know this is a stage - my dd1 must have done it too but I just don't remember it and I don't remember it being this bad - she literally covers me in food at every meal and I am so miserable and fed up.

Any advice please, apart from the usual mantra of 'This too shall pass...'

WHEN??? (She wails!)

Festivalqueen1 Mon 01-Dec-14 21:52:46

Does she do it with food she really likes? If not why not just feed her what she loves for a while. It might break the cycle, then reintroduce other foods.

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