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heart in my mouth!

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baby5ontheway Mon 01-Dec-14 18:04:33

Ok, so I don't know if this is the right place to add this, but I just need to get this off my chest!
Didn't want to put it on facebook as I don't want ppl I know to know my business but like I said I need to vent somewhere.

So I'm a worryer, I admit, I don't let my kids play out late, I want to know where they are 24/7, if I let my older 2 out I urge them to stay together, etc etc. So as my eldest started high school this sept I kind of had to get used to him getting to and from school on his own. I'd panic if he wasn't back when he is supposed to, sometimes I've gone out in the car to see if I can see him. Tonight it was getting to 4 - then 10 past (he should have been back by about 15:50 so I'm starting to work myself up, I go out at 4:20 in the car to see if I can see him, no sign, druve round a bit longer, still no sign. 4:30 I need to pop to the shop round the corner so I put a note on the door incase he returned while I was at the shop. 4:35 I see a police van outside my house with 2 policemen about to knock on my door. I immediateley burst into tears and said is this about my son! They said yes you better come inside!! OMG my heart was in my mouth, I assumed the worst, turned out he had been caught shoplifting (not like him atall) from our local supermarket! I was kind of relieved that he was ok tbh but I couldn't contain myself as I was in such shock!!!

Sorry to go on but I just need to know how to deal with this! I'm not very good with this type of thing, I just hope it was a one off, ps he was with a 'friend' who has been in trouble before.

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