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Am I doing this milk thing wrong?

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ViperActive Sun 30-Nov-14 18:59:08

Dd is now 1. She has 3 bottles of formula a day and lately has been waking in night and won't settle unless she has milk... Is that normal? I thought that was done with.
Anyway how do you go about the switch and do you use bottles? She drinks water from sippy cup but not milk.
Does anyone else give milk during nights with over 1's?

workingtitle Sun 30-Nov-14 19:30:59

Could she be having a growth spurt? DS is just over one, he was night weaned a while ago but plenty of friends still give milk once (or more) in the night. With DS I'm just continuing with a bottle for milk. He eats very well, drinks a lot of water and is confident with a sippy cup and we enjoy the cuddly time with a bottle. I personally wouldn't feel you have to switch unless you want to.

With night weaning we just agreed some 'core' hours where we wouldn't give milk but would do whatever else it took to get ds back to sleep. We then extended the core hours over time. DS is always offered water if he wakes at night and to start with drank a lot.

Griffomais Sun 30-Nov-14 19:40:07

My DD is 1 and she gets 1 bottle a day (given before bed) if she wakes during the night I don't feed her (although if she does wake its not because she's hungry). Do you think she's got used to having milk during the night and now that's why she's waking that might be it? If you try a bit of water during the right she'll soon realise there's no point waking.

ViperActive Sun 30-Nov-14 19:54:17

Well it all started when she started nursery and this coincided with being ill. We mostly stopped milk feeds in night a while ago but she's been so difficult lately with sleep. She wakes for ages and it doesn't matter what I try and usually if she is up for more than an hour Or so then I try milk and then she sleeps

Griffomais Sun 30-Nov-14 20:08:31

It's so difficult isn't it - my DD sometimes wakes when teething. She's not had a feed during the night since she was 10 weeks as that's when she started sleeping through. Is your DD on cows milk now? We went through a horrible time a few months ago when DD was waking for hours during the night it was awful but it coincided with her learning to crawl and stand my HV suggested the wakes were development related I wonder of that's what's happening - can your DD walk yet?

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