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Cleaning a soother

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lighteningmcmama Thu 27-Nov-14 12:56:37

I'm reluctantly going to try 7wo dd with a soother today. If she takes to it, do I need to sterilize each time it's used? The instructions say suitable for steam sterilizing but also just say wash in soapy's 0-6m one.

AnythingNotEverything Thu 27-Nov-14 13:00:04

Hot soapy water is fine. There's nothing harmful in water for babies.

You sterilise bottles to get rid of dirty milk residue that can be full of nasties.

If you want to pop them in some Milton every few days or so they'll be fine.

AnythingNotEverything Thu 27-Nov-14 13:01:46

And washing once a day or after bits been on the floor is fine.

FrauHelgaMissMarpleandaChuckle Thu 27-Nov-14 13:07:47

When you get to no3 you'll lift the dummy off the floor three second rule--and give it a suck before plonking it back in baby's mouth --or maybe that's just me

Having said that, when they were small I had a few dummy's and gave them a wash in the sink and then put them in the sterilizer.

lighteningmcmama Thu 27-Nov-14 13:30:38

Thank you that's v helpful!

Dd is no3, which is why I'm reluctantly having to try a soother for the school run when I just can't spend hours feeding her en route! grin

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