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11mo just fell of the sofa

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mrsleomcgary Wed 26-Nov-14 21:05:44

I'm having my first ever pfb related meltdown! DD was sitting on the couch and I let her go for a second to reach for her sleeping bag and she fell off. I'm not sure if she hit her head but no lumps or bumps. She seemed to wind herself but after a minute or two of gasping was back to smiling and clapping. This was about an hour ago.

Keeping her awake isn't really an option since it's well past her bedtime so i'm thinking i'll wake her to check on her when I go to bed in the next few hours. Though since she sleeps through i'm expecting to get an unusually grumpy baby,therefore giving me another heart attack. Sound like a plan?

gamerchick Wed 26-Nov-14 21:10:00

They all fall off something. Usually it's the bed.

Keep an eye on if you want but babies are usually so relaxed when they hit the ground because they're not expecting it and therefore brace themselves it's not often they injure themselves.

It won't be the last time probably.

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