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being a mother is the hardest job in world ? anti feminist

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midnight100 Wed 26-Nov-14 17:10:59

Is there anybody else that's has a major problem with this saying. As a feminist I believe women being valued is very important, surely that's the main issue WOMEN being valued. All women not just mothers.

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world is a saying that is used to value women , but is only values one group of women the mother's so thus it devalues childless women, so in the end it just devalues women, it is a anti feminist saying. What about all the women who are childless but take care of their families, if you are a mother and you use the saying to get valued, why should you be valued by a childless women for what you do when you don't value her for what she does.
And being a mother is ....., mother ? Surely then that covers all mothers good or bad. So a mother who neglects and abuse her child to the point of death has the hardest job in the world, I don't think job ? Being a mother is a relationship not a job, a relationship that can be very hard and and take a lot of work like all relationships, but no matter how hard a relationship is is doesn't make it a job. So yes being a mum is work but not a job.
It's sad that women who abuse their kids get more regonition that a childless women doing her best to take care of her family
Are there any mum here that use this saying dont you think that if you want to be valued you should value other people so why use a phase that devalues childless women they could be working just as hard as you. All I'm trying to say is some mother are good mothers some are bad mother, some childless women are irresposible and carefree some aren't and have dependents and responsibilities, so why do we presume. At least when you have kids people presume you have responbilitys, but when you are childless people presume you don't which is always true, I think childless women are the ones that really aren't valued. So is there any body else who hates this saying because a mother is a relationship not a job, surely it shouldn't covers all mothers as some abuse and neglect and above all is women being valued the main Issue.

overmydeadbody Wed 26-Nov-14 17:16:22

It's a meaningless saying.

Being a parent is not the hardest job in the world. The difficulty of parenting is dependent on the parent and the children involved, and loads of other circumstances.

But it's not exactly hard.

Think I might be missing the point of the thread.

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