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Poop explosions!

(4 Posts)
Lazymummy2014 Wed 26-Nov-14 15:43:06

Pretty much every time my baby girl (6 months) poops it shoots out the nappy and up her back. It's driving me mad! I'm using pampers baby dry at the moment, and happy with them apart from this. Are there other nappies that are better at preventing poop-aggedon? Anyone else managed to tame an explosive pooper?!

squizita Wed 26-Nov-14 16:28:16

Following this ... Mine is the same! She's 2 months, 1poo a day (ebf) and a petite thong so in size 2 nappies ... but her poops ain't size 2! grin
Asda extra dry nappies have been recommended and I must say They have a good tight seal round the legs and back - though because they are snug they sometimes fill easily! It's a Hobson's choice really - snug and sealed or room for poo!

I have bought some plastic reusable covers that go over terries/reusable nappies to use in her sling/carrier, as I fear ending up covered in mustardy stink goo one day! grin might be worth trying them, it's winter so they won't be too warm!

squizita Wed 26-Nov-14 16:28:36

Thing not thong!

butterfly86 Wed 26-Nov-14 20:53:47

My dd leaked out of pampers even with just a wee, we were changing her clothes 4 times a day! We changed to aldi nappies when she was a few weeks old and have stuck with the since she never leaks out of them and her poos are very runny as she's on comfort milk

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