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"Allergic" to nursery?

(7 Posts)
lockie1983 Wed 26-Nov-14 12:55:40

Posting here for more traffic.

My ds has a diagnosed nut allergy, action plan etc all in place at nursery. He suffers with eczema flare ups when something doesn't agree with him.

He attends nursery Monday and Tuesday and by Tuesday night his face is flared up with terrible eczema. By Sunday it's all calmed down and clear again and then the cycle repeats.

Anyone have any ideas? Could it be the stress of being at nursery? He is fairly happy and settled there. Or something else they might be doing with him that I can't pinpoint? They are adamant that they aren't doing anything that could be causing this, but it's such a weird patter,

Iggly Wed 26-Nov-14 17:34:51

How sensitive is the allergy? I.e. could someone be having a nutty cereal and then interacting with him?

LissieD Wed 26-Nov-14 19:11:44

My dd's eczema flares up when she gets too warm. Is the heating really warm at the nursery?

lockie1983 Wed 26-Nov-14 22:19:07

He always seems to be fairly cold when I pick him up, but the heating is on so might be drying.

We aren't sure of the sensitivity Iggly and I suppose you've highlighted one of my fears - that one of the other littles are having peanut butter on toast for breakfast and then touching him. I have no idea how I would combat that though.

TiedUpWithString Thu 27-Nov-14 21:34:04

Are they wiping his face with disposable wipes? Perhaps you could supply flannels like the ones sell.

NoraRobertsismyguiltypleasure Thu 27-Nov-14 21:38:46

As someone who suffers with contact allergy to nuts i would say it sounds like someone is having something with nuts in before nursery. I didn't realise my allergy had become a contact allergy until it dawned on me that my partner was having a nutty flapjack every day for lunch and then coming home and kissing me.
Would giving him antihistamine before going to nursery be any help? I do this when I know I will be in contact with animals such as goats or horses (also allergic to them!)

Woobeedoo Sat 29-Nov-14 22:37:56

Is your DS a tidy food eater or a smear a lot of it round his face eater? My DS can eat tomato, strawberry and baked beans with no skin problems if I feed him (and make sure they go in his mouth), but nursery is a "we let them feed themselves unless its soup" place so DS was smearing all those acidic foods over his face and ending up all blotchy.

Our nursery has a staff member with a nut allergy so a memo was sent asking babies and toddlers not to eat nuts at all on nursery days and on Sunday. Maybe see if the nursery could put something like that in place?

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