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bed wetting

(7 Posts)
TracieSelley Wed 26-Nov-14 06:11:04

my 5 year old (5 in january) has just started wetting the bed. He has been mainly dry since 4 - the odd accident at least once a month but currently he has been wet 5 out of 7 nights. I am cross about it and fully let him know. We have a 10 month old too and the 5 year old started school in september. I dont understand why this has started - he is happy and not being bullied as in reception they are in their own world at school....he doesn't drink much in the evening. His water bottle from school is fairly full up when he comes home even though I keep asking the teacher about it and when she remembers she will ask him to drink. He does have milk at school and water at lunch. Could it be he isn't getting enough fluid? We are putting him back in nappies starting tonight and hope this will be the knee jerk he needs. We have also been getting him up the last two nights have a wee which hasn't worked at all. I have told him Santa won't be very happy and will bring him nappies and new mattress covers!!

bangersmashandbeans Wed 26-Nov-14 06:16:53

Seems a bit cruel to be cross with him? He's not doing it deliberately.

QTPie Wed 26-Nov-14 07:54:50

Even if it were some deliberate (attention seeking) thing, being cross is wrong: you are giving him attention.

Ask him if there is a reason why it happened, clear it up, don't make a fuss.

Might it be possible that he has a UTI?

Whereisegg Wed 26-Nov-14 07:59:45

Yes he needs more fluids, no fizzy or blackcurrant though.
He could be exhausted.
Being cross won't help at all I'm afraid, although as my ds 7.11 has only been dry reliably for about 3 months, I really do understand that it's frustrating and awful to be changing sheets at arse-o'clock.

Check out my thread in behaviour and development about my ds becoming dry, called "Second dry night for this it?"
Lots of us on there offering support and advice smile

ilovepowerhoop Wed 26-Nov-14 08:08:36

you shouldnt be cross, he isnt doing it on purpose. He has had a lot of change in a short time - new baby, starting school, etc which can contribute to bed wetting. He may be so tired that he is not waking when his bladder is full.

My dd went throgh a phase of wetting again and we started taking her to the toilet when we went to bed. We wakened her enough to be aware of what she was doing so we werent training her to pee while asleep.

walkingcontradiction Wed 26-Nov-14 09:48:04

To be honest it does not sound like you are going about it in the right way. I would not be cross. Try and be indifferant. But say matter of factually that he has to wear night time nappies for the time being...

Vanillepudding Wed 26-Nov-14 09:59:41

Please don't be cross. Or threaten bedding and mattress covers from Santa, that's cruel.
He is not doing it on purpose.

He has just started reception, that is when my Dd2 started to wet the bed, and she had been dry for 2.5 years before that. She's in year 1 now.

I would make him drink loads after school and then only a little after dinner, give him time to get rid of it before bed. One last loo trip before bed is essential.

Talk to him about school, what worries him, talk to the teacher without him, if you haven't already done so.

It may be just the change, and there is nothing wrong, just adjustment.

My Dd still wets the bed, especially after half term holidays and sometimes we have a wet bed Monday mornings. We haven't quite got to the bottom of what's going on apart from the fact that she's rather stay at home with me.

I'm not happy with the extra washing but change bed/shower DD without comment. She feels humiliated anyway. Please, whatever you do, don't be cross. You'll make the problem worse and damage your relationship.

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