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Toddler picking spots on her face

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LittlePink Mon 24-Nov-14 15:20:42

Im at my wits end with DDs face. Almost 6 months ago she was diagnosed with impetigo to which she was given antibiotics. It cleared up then a week or so later it came back. The GP said no more antibiotics and gave antibiotic cream fucidin. This didn't work so went back and was given fucibet. This didn't work either so went back and was given an antimicrobial face wash and moisturizer called Dermol. Still didn't work so went back again and was told theres nothing else she could recommend and to carry on with the face wash and moisturizer and referred her to dermatologist but the appointment isn't until end of January.

Shes never been contagious and has had it almost continually for nearly 6 mths now. They are red spots that don't crust or ooze and she has two big ones on her cheek and 3 on the bridge of her nose which are more like scratches and one red spot on her wrist. When the old ones eventually clear up, new ones appear and she keeps scratching so they cant heal or take ages to heal. The current ones have been there for several weeks now.

Ive been using the face wash twice a day and give her face a good wash using clean flannels/ towels and in between been using sudocrem, covering up with plasters but she just rips them off and scratches the spots again making them look really red, inflamed and sore. Ive been covering them in Vaseline when she wont keep the plasters on so it will be too slippy for her to scratch and been keeping her finger nails short but none of this has helped. Ive recently tried some aloe vera gel that was recommended to me by a friend who distributes skin care products and said this would be safe for her skin. It hasn't worked though and she wont keep gloves on her hands at night.

I stop her scratching in the day time when I see her touching them but as soon as shes in bed for naps or bedtime when im not there she scratches them open again.

Does anyone have any advice or ideas of any other products I can use that would be safe for her until I see the specialist in jan. Shes 2.5 yrs old.

LittlePink Mon 24-Nov-14 15:22:20

Oh tried canesten too incase it was a fungal infection but that didn't do anything either.

lljkk Mon 24-Nov-14 17:40:58

I so feel your pain. DS is nearly 7yo & still picks sometimes (didn't have impetigo, any scab will do!!). Has plenty of facial scars & any scab takes forever to heal. It's his comfort habit. Only takes 1 minute of picking a day to stop healing. ARRGH.

One thing that helped at that age was to give him chapstick & he was told to rub the chapstick on his lips or spots instead of picking at them.

EmbarrassedPossessed Mon 24-Nov-14 23:25:52

You can get sleeves that cover their hands and stop them from scratching - can be used for naps/bedtime or even in the daytime if the picking/scratching is really bad. There are probably other brands but I've used these with my DS which have stopped him from doing a lot of damage when alone in his cot.

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