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Its a long shot but did anyone, both work PT, from day 1/early on with DC2.

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purplemurple1 Mon 24-Nov-14 07:33:47

So I'm due DC 2 in a couple of months and the plan is for us both to work 50% from day 1 (or at least as soon as I'm up and about). This can't be fixed days each week due to our jobs but it is unlikley we will have many days where we both need to work.
DC1 (16months) will be in nursery 3 days a week (this can't be upped as I'm abroad and subject to the countries rules on subsidised childcare and unable to access anything private because of our remote location.)

So has anyone done something similar?
How did you get a routine, and share things so you didn't drive each other mental or have the 'I'm busier than you/more tired than you' arguments?

How did you deal with housework etc?
I'm thinking either a set list of jobs each day which the person who is off needs to get done, or each have our own weekly jobs, so one of us isn't left to do everything/or the worse jobs all the time. (Unfortunalty we can't get a cleaner due to where we live, and have a lot of outside work and 2 dogs.)

And do you have any other tips?


KatyN Mon 24-Nov-14 12:18:39

I went back to work at 10 months and we both did 3 days a week. (son went to nursery 1 day a week). we quickly developed an understanding of who was responsible for what each day. 3 years on it's the same:
who ever is at home with my son has to do a load of washing.. either hanging on the airer or putting in the wardrobe! They also make dinner and wash up
who ever has been at work does bed time.

Whoever is at home the next day does the night shift. This is REALLY important. if you are being woken up 3 times a night you need to take this in turns. This is only possible at the beginning if you are bottle feeding.

my dh does the cleaning on a saturday am while I take our son to the park. I do paperwork etc on a saturday pm while he takes our son out.

sunday we play.

There will be arguments.


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