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Other single parents - how do you manage to meet new partners with tiny babies around?

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Poycastle Sat 22-Nov-14 09:47:42

Yet another thing to feel guilty about, but although I'm run off my feet with twins I haven't lost my sex drive (despite hearing so many stories to the contrary - I even feel guilty about it because my mum once said "once you are a mother you are on a higher plane and don't think about sex any more"!)

But where would I meet anyone, even a casual partner? Can't really hire a nanny for a day and go and sit in a bar and ask a randomer at 11 o'clock in the morning. Not in the mood for internet dating either, really - bad experience.

Griffomais Sat 22-Nov-14 12:06:29

Do you friends have anyone they could introduce you to? Do you have any single girlfriends if so maybe you could get a sitter once a week and go out with them. Other than that I'd say give internet dating another try maybe try a different site.

number1daddy Sun 23-Nov-14 00:06:27

when you have an answer can you tell me too please

sillymillyb Sun 23-Nov-14 00:14:18

Honestly? I've given up! Ds is 2.5, I figure I will meet someone when the times right - but it isn't now.

I won't have someone in the house when he's there that I don't know / trust and I never manage to get a babysitter.

It's just not the right time for me. I've bought a vibrator to keep me going grin

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