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What's your routine with a two year old?

(14 Posts)
milkyman Fri 21-Nov-14 17:20:55

my ds routine in the winter is

6amish wake up hmm
Runs around the house generally shouting and being cross
Sometimes sits in his highchair or runs around the house dropping his breakfast - toast, milk, banana...
Try to kill time until its light enough to go out - plays, snacks, read books, cbeebies
9amish go out (phew) to playgroup, playdate, shops or walk if weather nice (which is never)
11.30 back, generally demands lunch which involves 'yellow/white' food - hummous sandwiches, banana, cheese etc... Other coloured foods are viewed suspiciously unless they are on my plate and have salt in.
12.15 - naps for 1.5-2hrs grin at the moment...
2.15ish wake up - go for walk or tescos hmm
4.30ish - tea see food above - may involve white pasta...
afterwards we read books but have been resortibg to cbeebies more recently... blush
bedtime - 6.15/6,30

mumofboyo Fri 21-Nov-14 19:30:05

My daughter, 2, just slots into whatever we're doing that day if it's not a nursery day.
She gets up around 7 and has breakfast
She plays with her brother (3), plays with her toys, reads, watches tv. Sometimes we go out (if I have money or jobs to do), other times we stay in.
Lunch/dinner, usually sandwiches or jacket spud or fish pie - something quick and easy, at around 12
Nap from around 12.30-3ish. Wakes just in time for tea - usually a more substantial meal such as stew, pie or whatever; this is normally at 4 ish.
Then she'll play, read, watch tv etc for a while til supper/wash/bed - lights out for 7.

I don't bother with planned activities because I hate feeling hemmed in by routine. At the moment we're stuck in the house every afternoon for dd's naptime and ds gets fed up. I can't wait until she no longer needs it and we can go out at any time of the day and stay out for as long as we want to do whatever we fancy/ can afford.

olivesnutsandcheese Fri 21-Nov-14 22:32:46

DS wakes around 7-7.30 and jumps around/chats to himself in bed until I fetch him at around 8/8.30 (he is locked in his room but inexplicably stays in bed anyway until I come into his room)
Downstairs for brekkie in the highchair which is normally scrambled eggs and toast/jammy toast/banana/rice crispies with water to drink.

Monday & Weds we go to the gym and he is in crèche for a couple of hours. Then normally a supermarket run followed by lunch at home. Tues & Thurs mornings we go to play group or hook up with friends. Friday we either go into town for shopping & soft play or go and visit Granny.

Afternoons we tend to potter about / park/ feed ducks/stories or colouring etc as we have to be home for 3,30 when DSS comes back from school. Tues pm there is a play group that finishes at 3. Maybe once or twice a week DS will nap but this is becoming rare.

tea is normally around 5 & if I haven't already cooked then I use tv as a baby sitter as DS is a liability in the kitchen. After tea both boys normally watch peppa pig for a bit (apparently this is still cool even if you are 10)grin

bath/story/bed around 7/7.30

I might add that this is a new routine - up until a month ago he napped every day 1-3 & was a rubbish sleeper at night. I only joined the gym 6 weeks ago but the crèche thing is fab and he really likes it.... first time in 2 years I get some time to myself!

knottyhair Sat 22-Nov-14 06:48:29

DD is 2 in a couple of weeks. She wakes around 7am, I take her downstairs for milk, teeth brushing and a nappy change. I take her back up to DP who plays with her whilst I wake DS (who at 10 just groans at me) put washing on, make DP a coffee. Then she potters around upstairs whilst I have a shower/get dressed. Take her downstairs, she has a piece of fruit and then usually toast & marmite or peanut butter. Get her washed and dressed for school run. Do school run. Most days back home afterwards and she watched Teletubbies DVD whilst I unload dishwasher, hang out washing etc. then we walk round to the shops, might go to the library, charity shops, once a week to the local cafe for brunch. Once a week we go into town straight from school run to mooch around ELC and Waterstones (she loves both), then on to Musical Bumps. Home for around midday for lunch - usually sandwiches & salady veg, or soup, or she shares some sushi with me. She plays while I clear up, then she naps from 1-3pm. Get her dressed and out the door by 3.15 to do school run. Back home and we do puzzles, read, or she likes to potter around upstairs and help me put laundry away, hoover etc. She then either watches a bit more Teletubbies or plays "bouncies" with DS while I get her tea ready - pasta, sauce & veg, or a mini roast dinner, or mini burger with salad, or fish with beans & garlic bread or something. DP usually comes home around this time and he takes over so I can start our dinner & clear up. She has a shower with him & DS after tea, then plays with DP, has milk whilst watching Night Garden with DP (I'm cooking our meal/reading with DS/watching Strictly It Takes Two smile). Teeth brushed and up to bed at 7pm, when we eat with DS!

knottyhair Sat 22-Nov-14 06:49:53

Olives, my 10 year old is still spellbound by In The Night Garden, although he won't admit it grin!

Graterater Sat 22-Nov-14 07:02:26

I'm sorry I've got to ask. olives why do you lock your DS in his bedroom?

confusedandemployed Sat 22-Nov-14 07:03:24

DD is nearly 21 months. Wakes 7-7.30, dressed, teeth, downstairs for brekkie - weetabix or porridge then fruit.
If not a nursery day we walk the dogs, whatever the weather, so wellies on and out we go.
Bring dogs home then back out somewhere - both of us hate being cooped up inside. So, pet shop if required (big hit!!), possibly a supermarket run, playgroup, swimming, park, library, soft play, mooch round our little town, visit friend with similar age DD and newborn, whatever.
Home 11.30ish, lunch, nap 12 ish -2ish.
After nap we're back out on another adventure, back by 4.30ish to walk dogs (short walk), then a bit of CBeebies until tea at 5. After tea, we play at home, read books etc. CBeebies invariably on in the background (unless it's Pointless time!!), then before bed she watches prerecorded Peppa Pig for 10mins.
Bath 6.30pm, bottle of milk (Iknow, I know), brush teeth then into bed for 7. Usually not a peep til the next day then.
I plan to ditch the bottle when she's two. Maybe hmm

Paddingtonthebear Sat 22-Nov-14 07:28:20

DD is 25 months old. Wakes up between 6-7am
Get her out of her cot & take her downstairs. She has a beaker of milk and will ask for a snack.
Cbeebies, stories and toys until breakfast about 8am. Usually porridge or mini shreddies, sometimes toast.
Toys/play/cbeebies until we go out in the morning usually around 10am on non nursery days.
Going out is either walking to the local park and playground, or into town to look around the shops, waterstones, ELC and pets at home usually.
She usually asks for a snack by half ten, crackers or biscuit etc.
Potter about until lunch which she usually has at home around 12. Usually sandwich/wrap and some fruit, sits on booster seat at the dining table and I eat with her.
Nap sometime after lunch for 1-2.5 hours.
Usually has a small snack after a nap and we usually go back out again. Or if at home, play with toys, play doh etc. some cbeebies.
She has her dinner about 5pm - pasta, cottage pie, spag bol are favourites, followed by fruit or yogurt.
Bath every other night after dinner.
Beaker of milk around 6/6.15pm. Then mix of play, stories, music until teetj brushing and changed into pyjamas and gro bag around 6.45 / 7pm. All done downstairs.
On the sofa with a selection of stories to read that she's chosen, ten 10 -15?mins or so of stories, then taken up and put into bed around 7pm, say night night, lights out, leave the room. Generally sleeps through til morning.
Mum and dad have dinner separately around 7.45/8pm

KittyandTeal Sat 22-Nov-14 07:37:07

Our routine (although it been weeks rather than months/years that she's been sleeping through so it's newish is some places)

6.20 (time her gro clock is set to) - 6.45 (if we're very lucky) get up

Downstairs for breakfast - generally toast and jam of some sort

She plays on her own while I have a coffee and watch bbc breakfast, sometimes we'll read some books.

We usually have an activity on in the morning so it's playing, showering and snack at about 9.30 until it's time to go.

Back from activity for lunch - usually cheese toasty, pizza toast, beans and fish fingers or something similar.

Nap 1ish -2.30 she is not allowed to sleep past 2.30 otherwise she's up in the night.

Afternoon is usually trip to the park or drawing/play dough etc if weathers awful.

4.30 she's allowed cbeebies while I get dinner sorted.

5.30 we all eat dinner together (of DH is around)

Cbeebies until end of night garden.

7 - bath

7.30 - stories in bed and set gro clock.

Asleep by 8ish normally.

knottyhair Sat 22-Nov-14 08:25:19

Graterater, I think that might be a typo from Olives, as she says her DS stays in his room anyway!

olivesnutsandcheese Sat 22-Nov-14 08:38:17

no typo I'm afraid. . DS is an escape artist/bolter and if he felt like it could vault the stairgate. Also our upstairs is not really safe for him unsupervised. The door lock is instead of a babygate on his door. As I said, weirdly he has never got out of bed but we always lock him in his room for peace of mind. Clearly we'll need to re-think when we start potty training grin but that's way off for him

PollyIndia Sat 22-Nov-14 08:56:31

Wakes 630-7 here, breakfast always porridge with banana. He then plays with his cars and trains until it's time to move. If it's a work day then I take him to nursery for about 9 then come home to work. Otherwise we always go out somewhere. Normally to meet friends or my sister and niece/nephew. Lunch is at 12 either out in a cafe or back at home then he sleeps 1-3. Afternoon we normally stay local and go to the park or go for a scoot or if we stay in the someone will come over or we paint/do playdoh then he has tea at 5. After tea he plays again, and sometimes watches tv for half an hour before bed. I like having the radio and music on so am trying to avoid the tyranny of kids tv for as long as I can! Sometimes it's brilliant though, if I need half an hour to do a work call.
He goes to bed at 7 after bath and milk and teeth cleaning and I get in his cot to read his story - not sure how that started! Lucky I am small!!

kaffkooks Mon 24-Nov-14 22:29:22

DS 2 yrs old. On days I'm at home he wakes 6.30/7 then sits in bed with me reading books until he starts shouting "bekfast" usually after about 15mins
Breakfast then he "helps" me clear things away or plays with his toys
8am I put music on for him while I have a shower then I get him dressed
9am out to toddler group
1130am back from toddler group, play for a bit
1215 lunc
1 to 3 nap
After nap plays, does cooking with me, playdough. Out to park or library weather permitting
5.45 dinner
After dinner plays with his Dad then bath 645 bed by 730
Like Polly, no TV unless I really need him to be quiet for 15mins and he won't do anything else. Lots of radio and other music though

woundbobbin Mon 24-Nov-14 22:51:55

Wakes at 7/8
Breakfast wheatabix
Potters a bit / plays with toys / fills up washing machine / unloads dishwasher
Out somewhere soft play / farm / swimming
Lunch - sandwich fruit smoothie raisins
Sometimes has 30mins nap but not often
Afternoons sometimes go out sometimes play / potter at home
From 5 offer tea (often won't eat anything)
6 - bedtime hr on cbeebies
7 - bath
8 - bed usually asleep by 9

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