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Cutting mat leave short?

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xxx28xxx Wed 19-Nov-14 18:21:13


Just after some advice really. Currently on mat leave and smp runs out at beginning of February but when I add AL on I can manage to get by until the beginning of April.

However im starting to feel guilty as money is very tight and we have just received some massive bills (which we just cany afford sad ) and I don't know if I should maybe cut my leave short and go back end of Feb instead.

I know it's only a month or so early but the thought makes me so sad. Firstly because I love being off with my baby and secondly because Im dreading the next challenge of work, baby, childcare, house work etc!! Please tell me this isn't as bad as it sounds?

Anyway did anyone else cut their leave short and did they regret it? Part of me thinks screw it, take as long as possible as I won't get this time back with my lo. But on the other hand if I go back earlier I will get paid for my remaining AL which would help with bills and leave a little left over...

Should say dh says to go back in April as planned but I feel bad on him...

MuscatBouschet Wed 19-Nov-14 18:24:18

No advice to give, except don't feel too guilty either way. Your baby will be ok without you - remember that it wasn't long so that women had to return at 3 months (or not at all).

UngratefulMoo Wed 19-Nov-14 19:25:08

I extended mat leave - had planned to go back in April for financial reasons - stretched it out until July.

Yes, it was v tough financially (and credit cards are now at scary levels) but I can't regret it for a second - it was such a special time.

It also meant that I was psychologically ready to go back to work and that meant (I think) that I've been able to put everything in it in a way I couldn't have done if I'd felt I was tearing myself away.

mrsmugoo Wed 19-Nov-14 20:59:16

I didn't cut mine short as I'm self employed so a year was never on the cards for me, however have just gone back to work (DS is 8 months) and I'm loving it! I missed work and I would have been bored to tears having a year off, which not how I thought I'd feel at all.

cadidog Wed 19-Nov-14 21:21:30

I went back to work last week. I had planned to go back in January. DS is 9 months old. It was a rare chance to work a 3 day week (unusual in my industry) plus make some new contacts. The won't hurt either. I would never have gone into debt for my ml personally but will delay working ft as long as I can

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