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Toilet-training and disturbed sleep?

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Legohair Wed 19-Nov-14 16:17:52

Would be grateful for anyone's wisdom on this.

We started toilet-training with DS, who's 2.7, last week, and it's going really well (touch wood) with no accidents at all after the first two days.

The only thing is that for the last four nights his sleep has become terribly disturbed, which is unusual for him these days - we co-sleep, he's in a nappy, and while he falls asleep normally and sleeps normally for the first few hours, later on he is literally tossing and turning all the time, seeming physically uncomfortable, and then wakes anytime after two am, upset and talking about monsters.

I assume this is because he's conscious of needing to wee, and can't now let go freely, even though he's in a nappy. Any thoughts on what would be best to do? Wake him when we're going to bed for a loo trip? Others have suggested cutting down on evening liquids (he still has a bedtime bottle), but he doesn't drink a lot anyway, and I'm reluctant to restrict more.

Thoughts, anyone? We're all absolutely exhausted from this, work is suffering...

Iheartautumn Wed 19-Nov-14 16:23:40

When he starts tossing and turning maybe ask him if he needs to wee or just lift him and take him? That might be whats making him uncomfortable

Legohair Wed 19-Nov-14 16:38:31

Oh, I think that's definitely what is making him uncomfortable - I was hoping there was some way of preventing him getting to the 'tossing and turning' stage, like whether I should take him to the loo when I go up? It just seems counter-intuitive to wake a soundly-sleeping child!

lanbro Wed 19-Nov-14 16:43:13

I just lift mine out of bed, onto a potty in her room then straight back into bed. I'm hoping to get to a point where she will be able to get up and do it herself. I'm reluctant to encourage her to get out of bed tho yet as she never does, even in the morning, so don't want her getting up pretending she needs a wee!

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