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6month old, white noise, self sooth

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Jenny1231990 Wed 19-Nov-14 13:19:59

Hi all, I have a six month old dd and am 15 weeks pregnant also, I also have a nearly 6 year old little boy, he had a dummy and used to go off to sleep, happily without a fight. Our little girl just will not, she never took to a dummy either, so a few months ago I read a thread about white noise and decided to download the app, but now unless we are out and about she will not just drop off into a nice sleep. She only naps between 10-20minutes throughout the day. Even with the white noise she fight it so much and I'm worried now that she has become reliant on this.
Even through the night, still in our room, she wakes and the only thing that settles her is this noise.
Does anyone have any advice on how to help her self sooth. We are going to put her in her own room tonight and see how she goes, I feel reluctant as our son was in our room in his cot at first so it didn't feel like a huge change, this isn't an option as our room is to small since we moved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

foolonthehill Wed 19-Nov-14 13:34:27

First of all congratulations,

second of all, try not to get too het up or worried...even the worst sleepers eventually learn how to get themselves off to sleep and any anxiety you have re sleeping will transmit to your DD.

Just as you introduced white noise you can introduce something else (and it does not sound like the white noise has been magical anyway). What you do next will depend on your tolerance for crying and your desperation for sleep!

If you are ok with learning with protest (not distress, protest) then your daughter could learn to associate anything with going to sleep....clock ticking, pull cord lullaby toy,, radio 4. Move her to her room, wait until she is obviously tired then put her to bed with your chosen comfort object or sound. Go downstairs and boil the kettle loudly! Leave her for 5-10 mins then check on her. If she is ok or only mildly protesting or asleep continue... if she is too distressed or you are unhappy get her up do something else then when she looks tired again, try again. And repeat. be consistent and don't be anxious (easy to say).

Good luck

PS in a minute a parent who prefers attachment parenting will be here, then someone who does controlled crying with younger children, then someone else will get lots of different advice, pick what feels best to you and suits you and your child. Remember you are the only expert on your child,....and we are just giving opinions. people get very very upset when there is disagreement in this area, but amazingly by the time you've had a few children you notice that there are many routes to the same place.

Consistency is the key. And whatever you choose to do feel free to change it if it is not helping after 4-6 weeks.

Jenny1231990 Wed 19-Nov-14 13:48:46

Wow thank you for your advice.

Yes I think as you say, try her and leave her if she isn't going mad. I actually feel she may sleep better in her cot (more room)
I have a radio, so maybe something in the back ground quietly may help, thanks
We normally take her up with us when we go to bed, she normally falls asleep down stairs, il try getting her into a nice routine, bath time, feed and cuddles then bed.
I've been so worried, but your advice has been great.
I know there are so many different parenting techniques out there, she is quite clingy, so we may have to persevere.
Thank you, for the congratulations hehe very excited x

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