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uplifting stories of avoiding PND the second time?

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kalidasa Tue 18-Nov-14 12:04:19

I know there's a PND area but it seems very quiet, and I thought I might get more responses here. I had severe PND with DS1 (23 months) and I'm expecting DS2 in January. I have done everything possible to prepare this time and have a team/referral in place in case it happens, I have even been referred to see a psychiatrist for assessment before labour and am having NHS counseling every week (have been throughout the pregnancy) so I guess they think I am pretty high risk. I have had a truly dreadful pregnancy, actually worse than no. 1 which I didn't think possible - am in a wheelchair. But overall my mood has held up better (I definitely had some AND last time) and I'm pretty sure I feel more positive about this baby. Would love to hear some stories though from women who had a bad time with a first baby and managed to avoid it (or at least mitigate it) with no. 2.

slightlyinsane Tue 18-Nov-14 22:44:00


Unfortunately there's nothing you can do to prevent it happening but there is plenty you can do to help yourself and by the sounds of it you have everything in place ready if you need it.
Just having a safety cushion will have taken away some of the anxiety that comes when you're pregnant. It might not feel like it but it will have done.
I had pnd with dd1 and stressed no end about it when I got pregnant with dd2, as the pregnancy progressed I realised I felt different than last time and was shocked at the feelings I had after delivering her. Completely different, I didn't have that overwhelming feeling of love first time but it hit me the 2nd time and I.didn't go on to have pnd again. I have had 4 pregnancies and only had pnd with the1st. Good luck xx

frankiebuns Wed 19-Nov-14 08:37:36

I ended up in a wheelchair with ds and I had pnd I refused help I battled through ruining everything. Dd I felt positive although I was high risk all the way through and I was sure pnd wouldn't regroup guess what it did badly but I nipped it in the bud anti depressants best thing I did I love being a mum now and I'm so relaxed

kalidasa Wed 19-Nov-14 10:08:20

Thanks both for replying. Unfortunately I can't take antidepressants which makes everything a bit more complicated, but that's partly why they are being so careful in terms of preparation I think. Good to hear both about you avoiding it completely slightly in subsequent pregnancies, and also frankie that you were able to tackle it quickly and effectively when it did return. I also feel much more positive about this pg but feel a bit torn between trying to stay hopeful and realistically wanting to be prepared/not wanting to add disappointment on top of everything else if the PND does come back.

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 19-Nov-14 11:28:00

Hi. My first pregnancy (and my second, fwiw) were straightforward in themselves but with my 1st I had a lot of external stressors (change of job, relocation etc) going on at the same time. Have had episodes of depression and anxiety since early 20s and had AND and PND in this 1st pg - not dx'd til dd was 8m though. Have had 3-4 other episodes of depression and anxiety since then, all managed thru medication which works well for me.

With my second, I did lots of what you have mentioned. Had come off meds to TTC. My anxiety was very bad which I managed with counselling. GP was willing to px meds which were ok in pg but I was too scared to take them, probs a symptom of how unwell I was. Even so, I felt different - more positive - still don't fully know why, but as a pp says, the safety cushion helped. I also had a referral to perinatal psychiatrist at about 20w who was amazing. He drew up a v detailed plan of action which I followed to the letter - referrals in place, opening at his clinic for review etc). He also px'd meds suitable for bf which were started when I was still in hosp. I took those for 6m and then switched back to my usual ones and ff from there. Tbh I haven't felt this well in some time, and there has been no reoccurrence of pnd . For me it was all about planning but I think the sheer fact I'd had a baby before, knew what to expect and what was/wasn't a priority all helped.

Wishing you all the best flowers

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 19-Nov-14 11:29:56

Meant to add - one of the benefits of seeing perinatal psychiatrist for me was the expertise around medication - he/she may be able to find something that suits you?

kalidasa Thu 20-Nov-14 16:24:31

Thanks smidge. Yes, it would be good to discuss the medication issues. I had a manic episode triggered by a very tiny single dose of an AD years ago. I eventually saw a v. senior psychiatrist who told me that I should never take an AD unless I was already on a mood stabiliser (and they are a bit of a different ball-game - I don't think you can breastfeed on any of them, so I was keen to avoid that if possible). But all this was quite a while ago now and there might be other drug options. I have to say I would be very nervous of any AD though, I only ever took 20mg (two 10mg doses) and it took a year and quite a lot of other medication to recover completely from the manic episode. (NB for anyone else reading that apparently this is very very rare!) I did manage to recover from the PND without drugs last time. It took a while (also about a year) but I was v. v. lucky to get mother-infant therapy which was amazing.

Really glad that the medication has worked so well for you and that your second post-natal experience was so much better.

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