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How do you find having a 2 year old?

(17 Posts)
milkyman Sun 16-Nov-14 15:23:00

I was hoping the terrible twos was a myth but it seems not. My ds has tantrums regularly since turning two, highchair, car seat and pram refusal. Please tell me it gets better!

Artandco Sun 16-Nov-14 15:29:51

Mine was ok tbh.

At 2 years I would stop using highchair and stop using pram if they want. Saves unessecary arguments. Car seat non negotiable.

I found at 2 mine both really liked independence. So even if you think thy can't do something I would encourage to let them try first. So let them attempt to get dressed/ make things/ help bake/ toilet alone/ into bed etc, then once they find they do need/ want help then offer.

mumofboyo Sun 16-Nov-14 15:43:08

At 2 my ds was lovely and I thought that the whole "terrible twos" thing was nothing more than a myth.
Then he turned 3 and dd turned 2...

They're both pretty much the same with regards to their temperament - both stubborn and prone to fits of hysteria when they don't get their own way.

They both hate the idea of sharing and can sense that the other has picked up a toy that they had no interest in 5 minutes earlier - cue World War Three over a plastic saw or a light pen.

I tend to deal with by removing said toy, divide and conquer, reading a story and getting them both to sit with me, distraction... anything I can think of at that moment. and by sneaking into the kitchen and eating some of my stashed chocolate.

Everyone tells me that it improves by the time they start school...

Tory79 Sun 16-Nov-14 15:47:52

My Ds was a fab 2 year old. He's definitely gone downhill since he turned 3, although that's also coincided with the arrival of his brother so it may be a mix of the 2 things!

ZebraZeebra Sun 16-Nov-14 16:42:00

Finding it really tough. He's not bad in any sense of the word but it's hard work. Not him - just engaging, meeting his needs, setting the limits, negotiating, persuading, picking my battles. It's a massive learning curve. I don't like thinking of him as the one with the issue - he's just learning about himself, the world and his place in it - but it can be tedious and tiresome at times. But I guess it's been like that for parents since the beginning of time!

Reading Peaceful Parent, Happy Child from the founder of Ah-Ha Parenting! really helped me stop thinking of it as "him" and regulate my own reaction go him. Much less stress all round!!

Peepeeinthepotty Sun 16-Nov-14 17:30:04

Currently watching the 2 year old DD throw food on the floor, then eat it off the floor. It would seem she doesn't like plates today. Or cars. Or walking and dare i say it she's not going to like the bath in a minute! And she's also not going to like the fact we have swapped her bedroom door handle around this morning so she can't escape to the safety gate which she also does not like much and can open!

Molotov Sun 16-Nov-14 19:42:07

Age 2 waa tricky with both dds.

Once they hit 2-and-a-half, so much better (dd1 is now 5.9yo and dd2 2.7yo). Language, reasoning, improving communication skills seems to make a huge difference.

PrincessAnnaOfArundale Sun 16-Nov-14 20:24:39

Fantastic here. Not to sound smug because they were both horrendous, screamy, angry, back arching, red faced, crying babies but miraculous morphed into lovely toddlers as soon as they could talk at around 16 months. All different and everyone struggles at different stages.

PrincessAnnaOfArundale Sun 16-Nov-14 20:26:41

Should add DS1 is 7 and is a lovely kid. DS2 is 2.11 so it could all change again when he hits 3!

Spinaroo Sun 16-Nov-14 20:30:23

I loved ages 2-3. It is undoubtedly exhausting, challenging and wearing at times but I also enjoyed the entertainment, the wonder they found in everything and the fact they were a little more independent than a baby- though I know that very independence can most certainly be the cause of some strife!

IceniMist Sun 16-Nov-14 20:31:24

Okish. DD 3 in four weeks but it is clothes which are the issue. Every morning it is a battle to get her dressed into suitable clothing. I mean, pinning her down to dress her.If she is wearing something she doesn't want to, it can take a good 5 minutes to get her into the car seat.

I am Often close to tears before I get to work. She skips of happily at nursery to see her friends.

MiaowTheCat Mon 17-Nov-14 20:27:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Legohair Tue 18-Nov-14 10:18:32

My son is 2.7 and I was only saying last night to DH how much fun he is now, despite toilet training, stroppiness and all-round toddler power struggles. I'd take it over the newborn and small baby stage ANY day - I found that time nightmarishly difficult and isolating. It's so interesting watching his character emerge, and his curiosity about the world, and I utterly love starting to take him to children's theatre and classical concerts and open a whole new world to him.

It may be that we're lucky - he's incredibly strong-willed, but isn't given to tantrums that much, possibly because he's very verbal and can say what he needs easily.

neversleepagain Tue 18-Nov-14 14:49:38

My twins are 2.2 and I am finding it tough. They are both desperate to be independent but also want me all the time! They love to say no to almost everything and battle me constantly. We are also struggling with Twin Escalation Syndrome! They seem to constantly copy each others negative behaviour and it take a lot of patience on my behalf not to want to explode!

minipie Tue 18-Nov-14 14:58:07

90% delightful, 10% awful!

DD 2.1 is mostly incredibly cute and reasonably compliant (and much, much happier and easier than when she was a baby). She talks well which I'm sure helps. And like others above, I much prefer the toddler stage to the baby stage.

But at certain times - usually coinciding with a bad teething spell or onset of a cold - she is a nightmare. Crying over the slightest thing, wails of no no no I can't, no idea what she wants, hits, runs away etc etc. Reading a story does mostly stop the strop but I haven't always got time for that...

LittlePink Wed 19-Nov-14 15:35:50

Some weeks it's ok and she's very funny and cute. This week everything is a battle and she's very emotional over the slightest things. If she doesn't get what she wants it results in epic tantrums. I try bargaining but she doesn't uphold her end of the negotiation so it ends in a tantrum. Things like wanting to watch more c beebies when we need to get ready in the morning. "One more, when this is finished". Ok if we've got some time but she will always stretch her end of the bargain. Tv goes off because I've said ok one more then we go but ww3 breaks out. Or "mummy I want a banana" ok here you go "I don't like it, it smells yucky" ok fine I'll eat it. Cue screaming and crying. Give it back, tossed on floor. I'm finding it hard suffice to say!

2.5 years old.

SugarPlumpFairy3 Wed 19-Nov-14 17:52:45

2.1 yo twins here and struggling too! Dtd is feisty and independent...harrrrd work. The whole day seems to be filled with demands, frustrations and tantrums, not to mention the constant screaming and crying! She refuses the buggy, car seat and shopping trolley which with twins can cause problems. Luckily, dts is much more laid back..phew!

They are unbelievably cute and funny though so that goes some way to make up for it all.

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