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First day at nursery

(4 Posts)
Babytalkobsession Wed 12-Nov-14 11:20:39

Hi everyone,

My 12 month old DS had his first session at nursery yesterday and I've got mixed feelings about how it went. Just thought I'd share and would love to hear your experiences of settling in.

He didn't cry when I left, but looked very confused. He ate ok, played a bit and there were a few smiles apparently but also quite a few tears throughout the session and he only napped 10 mins (between 8am - 1pm). He was very clingy to me the rest of the day. He's got a full day on Friday and will the start 4 full days a week from next week.

A slight concern I have is his milk. He is still bf so he can have a feed from me first thing, and after nursery if he wNts. And he currently has a bottle before bed. Should I ask the nursery to offer a bottle of cows milk mid aft? We're in no routine at home and he just bf as and when so it's difficult to know what he needs. He'll drink water from a cup. I'm not too worried about bottles as I can get rid of them in time once he's over this big milestone of starting nursery.

Thank you

Cric Wed 12-Nov-14 11:25:35

It will take him time to learn a new nap routine at nursery but all the staff will be completely used to supporting children in this new chapter in their life! My LO had just started nursery and each day she had slightly longer naps whilst there and is almost having about the time she has at home. Talk to the nursery and ask them what they think about the milk... The will have certainly of experience this before. He will get used to you leaving and there and will soon learn that you always come back. He just needs some time to settle in... Good luck smile

chelsbells Wed 12-Nov-14 11:30:16

Firstly, hope your happy with the nursery you've chosen, it's a big step!

I work in nursery so say from experience that the lack of sleep he had should improve as he gets used to sleeping in a noisier environment and with lots of other babies around! If he's going to be doing 4 days a week he should get used to things quickly!

With the milk, if he's ok with cows milk, I'd suggest trying it, but maybe from a cup first. Though you may find he doesn't want or need it as no doubt he will be having snacks and water throughout the day - a lot at my nursery rather have the snack instead of the milk!

So by all means ask them to try it but doesn't be surprised if he doesn't want it - so long as he's getting the energy from something else!

Babytalkobsession Wed 12-Nov-14 21:13:52

Thanks for your responses. I do hope his sleep improves, but it's always been tricky. Even at home he only usually naps 45mins and it takes a lot of effort to get him to sleep...I doubt the staff are able to stand rocking him for ages like we end up doing. Hopefully they have a few tricks up their sleeves!

I think with the milk I'll ask them to offer him just a couple of oz of cows just before nap time. I guess it'll be trial and error for a short while.

I absolutely love the nursery we've chosen and have every faith in them but it's still hard leaving him. He was incredibly clingy for the rest of the day after his session so it must have had an affect on him.


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