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Moses Basket Recommendations Please

(13 Posts)
fari2014 Tue 11-Nov-14 12:13:26

I am expecting my first child soon and would like recommendations of Moses baskets. Which ones you guys had good experience with and would recommend to others. I need one with a stand. Is it worth getting a rocking stand?

Thanks smile

babyfedleaning Tue 11-Nov-14 12:15:59

You don't need one. They're all the same. You will only use it for about 3 months, assuming the baby wants to go in it. Go for second hand or just straight into big cot

butterfly86 Tue 11-Nov-14 13:31:55

We have not long moved dd out of hers she's 20 weeks it's quite a big basket though, it's a claire de lune and we got a rocking stand which is ok while they're small you can rock them to sleep but as they get bigger and move around the rocking can wake them up especially if it's on wooden floors we put a rolled up towel under the legs to stop it. We ordered from the claire de lune site and got a real bargain it was 39.99 and the stand was free the same one was elsewhere for 75 without the stand. This is it

icklekid Tue 11-Nov-14 13:34:25

We couldn't fit cot in our room, ds was in for 4months. We loved the rocking stand. Got clair de lune from ebay £20 for both! Buy a new mattress and enjoy!

rosiegal Tue 11-Nov-14 18:48:35

My advice would be not to spend too much initially. DS is 6weeks and absolutely hates his! Luckily I didnt buy the £100+ number I had my eye on in John Lewis because now everything goes in it except the baby. Have you decided how to feed? I'm BF so eventually opted for the chicco bedside crib, yes it is more expensive but worth every penny imo as now I actually get some sleep.
Good luck with the new arrival

Alb1 Tue 11-Nov-14 19:13:33

I got mine complete with stand for 99p in an eBay auction and just bought a good quality new mattress, you don't need anything fancy there not in them for long. However saying that, if I had a second DC I would invest in a rocking stand, DS loves being rocked to sleep. Also if you are shopping around I recommend getting one that is safe to move around the house with the baby inside it that way when going to bed at night you can carefully carry DC in the basket rather than risking waking baby up by lifting them out, not all Moses baskets are suitable for this

ilovepowerhoop Tue 11-Nov-14 21:53:59

I used a crib rather than a moses basket

fari2014 Tue 11-Nov-14 22:29:18

Thanks for the replies guys, we need something to keep the baby in downstairs during the day so thought moses basket would be best. I will need one with the carry handles to move the baby. Not looking for expensive one, just a decent one for decent price. Will check out ebay and the claire de lune website.

ilovepowerhoop Wed 12-Nov-14 06:08:22

I used the carry cot bit of our travel system for downstairs sleeping rather than using a Moses basket

ClaretAndBlue30 Wed 12-Nov-14 06:35:25

Our 3 week old loves her Moses basket - as I'd heard of so many babies not liking them I opted for a reasonably cheap one from amazon - Kinder Valley Broderie Anglaise Moses Basket (White)
then bought the rocking base separately.

She naps and sleeps in it and we move it around the house (v easy) we do have a bednest but she's too small for it at the moment (6lb at birth) so we just pop the Moses basket into that at night.

I'd suggest getting one but not spending a fortune just in case!

GoldfishSpy Wed 12-Nov-14 06:45:35

My advice too is don't get one.

Much better to get a travel cot with a bassinet for downstairs - Froggy do a great one for about £35. You can use it for ages, useful as a playpen or travelcot later.

Moses baskets are expensive and baby will grow out of it in weeks.

WhyOWhyWouldYou Wed 12-Nov-14 10:02:13

Asda do some nice ones around the £25 mark. Its really not worth spending more.

TheGirlAtTheRockShow Wed 12-Nov-14 14:18:15

The carrycot of our travel system was suitable for overnight sleeping so we just used that! Got a cheap rocking moses basket stand for night time. Saved spending extra money! Even that didn't last long - DD was tiny and she outgrew carrycot by 18 weeks.

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