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At home activities for 1 year old

(2 Posts)
PumpkinPie2013 Mon 10-Nov-14 21:15:19

Hi smile

My ds is almost 1 and as we work FT he attends nursery during the week so I like to try and do things with him at the weekend.

However, as daft as this might sound I get stuck for ideas of what to do sad

We usually go to the swings / library which he seems to love (our local library has a lovely children's room with all of the books plus some toys so we can spend quite a while there).

We play with his toys and read stories at home, usually go to the supermarket (out of need but bizarrely he likes sitting in the trolley going round hmm).

That's about it blush we sometimes visit family or go to the garden centre now they have the Christmas things in.

What do you do with your similar aged dc? I look at the activities they do at nursery and think he must get bored at the weekend!

Can he use play dough?

I was thinking of maybe getting some kids paint and letting him make marks with that?

Ideas gratefully received smile

heather1 Mon 10-Nov-14 21:19:46

Play dough sounds good.
Mine used to love playing with the pots and pans. Well just hitting them and banging them really.
Rough and tumble.
Practising going up and down the stairs safely.
Swimming ( though that's not really at home)
Crayons and a large piece of paper on the floor.

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