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Velcro baby who won't let me sit down - help!

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feezap Thu 06-Nov-14 18:49:29

My 9 week old DS is becoming progressively more Velcro. While I love the cuddles, he also isn't happy unless I'm walking around whilst holding him. Unless we're in the car at the moment he will only sleep during the day in the sling. He seems to have gone backwards! He used to nap for hours in his pram and bouncy chair and sit in his bouncer happily for short periods. Now the only time I get to sit is to feed him. This ends up with both of us massively over tired. What can I do? He settles beautifully and sleeps well in his crib at night but even using the same method in the day I have no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? My back is killing me!


StrangeGlue Thu 06-Nov-14 18:57:12

Do you have a gym ball/birthing ball? We found sitting bouncing slightly on that felt to baby like walking but meant we could sit.

And this will pass! Don't worry it's not this for the next few years they really do change so fast!

caramelgirl Thu 06-Nov-14 18:58:52

Am the worst person to answer as have had two Velcro sleeping disasters (tho' it does get better- they are now aged 5 years & 18months both asleep and will sleep until 6am).
Anyway, I found my nursing chair useful. Could that, or a rocking chair help? I used a comfy feeding cushion to support too.
If you are anywhere near East London I am giving away my nursing chair if you would like it? It is well used and needs a couple of screws put in one armrest.
Good luck, it really does get SO SO much better

caramelgirl Thu 06-Nov-14 19:01:42

Just seen he sleeps at night. You are clearly doing something very right! Anyway, I also used to walk miles and miles and miles to get the baby to sleep and it helped in establishing consistent nap times: always leave house at same time and trudge for sane length of time if you can.

minipie Thu 06-Nov-14 19:26:16

He might be overtired. How much total sleep is he getting in 24 hours?

If he's overtired it's a vicious circle as the more overtired they are the grumpier they are and the harder to get to go to sleep/stay asleep. The only way to fix it is to spend a few days doing whatever it takes to make him sleep a lot - so lots of car or sling walks for you - then after those few days things should be a bit easier.

feezap Thu 06-Nov-14 19:39:40

Thanks all, yes, he is definitely over tired. I am trying to get him to have proper sleep in the day but it is just getting harder. DH has been off this week so although he is a brilliant help he does also cram too much in. Thanks for the offer caramel girl, I have a nursing chair but the thought is.much appreciated. I will try that again and take my birthing ball downstairs to use as a chair. Annoyingly we've got family events the next couple of days but decent drives to get to them so I'm hoping to get through the weekend then really work on things when it is just me and DS at home next week. Any other tips to help in Velcro him or get him to sleep in the day would be much appreciated! smile

kiki0202 Thu 06-Nov-14 21:49:40

Google poddlepod I wish I had one for DS.

minipie Sat 08-Nov-14 15:00:23

When DD was overtired she would only sleep in a moving pram with blackout shade/dark scarf to cut the light. So I did a lot of long walks. after a few days of that she improved and then I could at least stop the pram without her waking up! Afraid that is still hard work for you but less heavy than the sling at least...

feezap Mon 10-Nov-14 14:33:07

Thank you everyone! We made it through the weekend just about unscathed. Its just me and DS this week so we have embarked on trying to nap a lot so that he's not overtired and then I'll try putting him down for a nap when he's not grumpy later on in the week. He's had a nap in the sling and the buggy today (it seems the rain cover is the trick to get him to nod off) and is on to nap number 3 in the sling whilst I sit on the birthing ball watching countdown, I've even had a cup of tea! Hooray smile

minipie Mon 10-Nov-14 15:12:36

Oh yes the rain cover is great! Nice and warm and quiet in there. Best of luck, sounds like a good plan.

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