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Day after jabs. I'm so upset please help!

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Lunaberry Thu 06-Nov-14 13:19:51

Hi. Think I need some reassurance please.
My little one had her 8 week immunisations yesterday morning. She was fine at the time and just tired for the rest of the day. But last night she was unsettled only sleeping on me. It wasn't until 5 am this morning I got her into a deep enough sleep to be able to put down. She then woke at about 7 and I have only just managed to get her back to sleep again. (Lunch time).
Her temperature is between 37.5 and 37.6. She's EXB and just having short 5 minute feeds which I'm kind of forcing on her as she just falls to sleep as soon as I hold her.
I'm sitting here now crying like an idiot, (prob through lack of sleep) still not dressed and wondering is this normal or should I be phoning dr?
Feel so guilty for putting her through it.

TheGirlAtTheRockShow Thu 06-Nov-14 13:23:35

Normal reaction. Don't feel guilty, she'd be far worse if she caught any of the illnesses the jabs are protecting her from. Keep trying to feed her when you can. Let her rest. She'll be better in a day or two.

Jojay Thu 06-Nov-14 13:24:06

It sounds v normal and far less awful than the diseases you are vaccinating against so don't feel bad.

Give Calpol to bring temp down if necessary, and lots of cuddles and snacks feeds if that's what she wants. She'll be fine in a day or two, promise wink

Jojay Thu 06-Nov-14 13:24:29

X post!

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Thu 06-Nov-14 13:26:24

Absolutely normal. Agree with giving Calpol if her temp doesn't come down. For her next batch, get the appointment as late in the day as possible, I found if DS went to bed a couple of hours after he tended to sleep the worst of it off.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Thu 06-Nov-14 13:27:19

That is a very minor temp so please don't worry. She will perk up soon

Lunaberry Thu 06-Nov-14 13:27:57

Thanks everyone. So it's just a case of riding it out with her?
Makes me feel better. So hard with first one knowing what's normal or not.
Sorry Jojay didn't quite understand the x post bit. Brain fried! X

Agree, totally normal, and under 38 doesn't count as a temperature - she'll be fine, you've done the right thing and her reaction is nothing to worry about. She's feeling under the weather but just needs cuddles. Only worry if temp goes up to 39+ or she goes floppy or listless or you can't wake her (obviously) - but those things won't happen smile

heartisaspade Thu 06-Nov-14 13:35:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lunaberry Thu 06-Nov-14 14:57:35

Thanks again to all of you. I've finally managed to get her to sleep in her crib so I could get washed dressed and food and drink. Feeling better for that!
Also rang hv and she suggested some calpol.
Will let her sleep for a bit and then maybe go for some but at least I'm a bit calmer now.
Thank you all again. You've really helped xxsmile flowers

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Thu 06-Nov-14 16:45:26

My HV told me the reason Calpol got itself re-classified from only suitable from 3 months to only suitable from 2 months was precisely for this reason, btw.

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