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Nostalgic bedtime stories

(18 Posts)
TheScenicRoute Mon 03-Nov-14 20:49:00

Just for fun,

I'm putting a list together for people to buy. Books are really capturing my imagination, I can't wait to re-read some of my childhood favourites.

Can you help me remember the lovely books of days gone by that remain relevant for very little kids (and any newer book recommendations)

So far on my list...
Mr men
The hungry catepillar
Dr Suess
The Mog series

SaucyMare Mon 03-Nov-14 22:20:58

meg and mog for me

vvviola Mon 03-Nov-14 22:23:05

The Velveteen Rabbit

For the slightly older ones - Narnia series, Swallows and Amazons series (I've done one Narnia one with DD1, can't wait to do more and move on to the Swallows and Amazons stuff)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea (a massive massive hit with my two, and still one of my favourites)

SaucyMare Mon 03-Nov-14 22:29:08

for older kids,
when hitler stole pink rabbit,
charlottes web, t
he dribblesome teapot (norman hunter),
secret garden.
And a book i can't find anymore about a girl who could talk to animals after drinking the liquids from the red and blue chemists bottle.

BlueChampagne Tue 04-Nov-14 13:47:50

Beatrix Potter

Hedgehogging Tue 04-Nov-14 15:33:32

The Whale's Song- absolutely gorgeous illustrations. Can't wait to buy it for DD.

Lovelise Tue 04-Nov-14 15:44:44

As a little'un I loved the Beatrix Potter books and as I got a little older I liked 'The Worst Witch.'

There was another set of books that I can never remember the name of where Toby a black cat would visit a little boy at night and they would go off having adventures.

There's so many great books out there. I can't wait to start reading bedtime stories to my LO. At the mo she just pats the pages when I read..grin

shmuf Tue 04-Nov-14 16:46:03

Dear zoo
the owl who was afraid of the dark
meg mog and owl

skolastica Tue 04-Nov-14 16:49:10

Burglar Bill

TurboTheChicken Tue 04-Nov-14 17:30:28

SaucyMare Your book is The Kingdom of Carbonel and is fabulous.

There is a book before it called Carbonel!

SaucyMare Tue 04-Nov-14 17:54:56

thanks Turbo

SickOfAnts Tue 04-Nov-14 17:59:08

Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak (an absolute must)
Pip the Elf - Enid Blyton

FastWindow Tue 04-Nov-14 18:00:07

I loved Ant and Bee and the Babar books, and Barbapapa.

CatWithKittens Wed 05-Nov-14 10:16:31

The Just So Stories are wonderful to to read aloud because of the rhythms of the language - our DCs love The Elephant's Child and The Cat Who Walked by Himself as well as How the Leopard Got his Spots and How the Camel Got his Hump. I remember my father reading them to me as a child and I'm sure they encouraged love of language.

MJP1 Wed 05-Nov-14 22:07:32

Each peach pear plum
an absolute joy in my house, we love reading to our little girl, we have read tons of books to her since she was a baby and now at 20 months she has started demanding this and saying the words.

CambridgeBlue Wed 05-Nov-14 22:10:53

Milky Molly Mandy
Teddy Robinson
Anything by Shirley Hughes

LilyMyOneAndOnly Thu 06-Nov-14 22:37:54

Lovelise - was that Tim and Tobias? I remember reading them in primary school smile

Lovelise Fri 07-Nov-14 09:47:51

Lily - YES!!!!! I've been trying to remember the name of those books FOR BLOODY AGES!

They really sparked my interest in junior school.

I feel slightly relieved now :-)

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