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My health nightmare

(4 Posts)
Geminiwitch22 Mon 03-Nov-14 13:31:58

Hi guys,
This is my situation and support and advice is much appreciated.
I had a difficult pregnancy due to Graves Disease and Gestational Diabetes. I have not been allocated a health visitor due to demands and lack of people as a result I have/had post natal depression which took 3 months for my health visitor team to diagnose. A further month until someone saw me and got me a prescription that went to my GP which refused to prescribe due to polycystic ovaries and needed a gynae review which never came and waited a further month before medicated.

In the meantime I had councillors who one is great the other making me feel uncomfortable. My lb then decided during one these sessions to try and jump off my knee (he is nearly 5 months old and trying to strengthen his legs, crawl etc), the only way I could catch him was by his legs. My lb had a feed decided to be sick so instead of changing him before said councillor turned up I left him in his top until she left. As a result she referred me to a safeguarding team as she felt "uncomfortable", this has now lead to me having a support team get in contact to help me out. However they were more upset that the health visitor team did not come check out my new home and that at nearly 5 months my baby hasn't got a health visitor name.

I was promised today I would get a phone call saying who my health visitor is going to be. I have the nice councillor on Wednesday and I am at the end of my tether with the health system, as instead of helping me they have made me feel worse. Any advice would be great as I am tempted to tell the mental health team to never come to see me again if they are not going to help me but try and make my worse fears come true.

naty1 Mon 03-Nov-14 15:43:56

Not quite sure what the pcos has to do this antiD. As not everyone with pcos would have a diagnoses.
Seems over the top to be concerned because baby had sick on them. Maybe they were concerned you were unable to control him on your knee and he nearly fell off, but didnt. I would have said its ok to pause the chat if you need to change him as not all parents would be confident enough to make them wait.

Hopefully now they will sort out a health visitor. Though im sure you can see the gp directly about the PND if you want to.

Patienceisapparentlyavirtue Mon 03-Nov-14 19:10:25

Poor you, this sounds really stressful.

I agree with the last poster - your first thing to do is to get the GP and get some medical help and maybe a new prescription for PND. It sounds like there was a mixup before by the HV, the usual medications should not affect your pcos, and really will help you cope in the transition.

It sounds like the counsellor was actually trying to help, even if she didn't communicate that to you very well. As you say, she was concerned about the lack of HV - which is really bad especially given your health - and this will give you a bigger support network. Not changing the top sounds like something that might happen if you are nervous or not confident around health professionals (not surprising in the circumstance!) so maybe she thought the support could also help with this.

Could she also have seen some difficulty bonding with your baby, due to the PND? The use of 'decided' to throw up, the changing... It makes me wonder if your health is making it harder to bond than you might like. If this doesn't sound right that is great, but if it does sound right then please don't worry - it is a lot more normal in the early days than many people will talk about regularly, and they CAN help and things will get better.

Do you have much other friend and family support?

Geminiwitch22 Tue 04-Nov-14 10:37:58

the thing is the PND is sorted, I moved (keeping same surgery same area) to get more friends and support, my partner's family aren't supportive, (please don't get me started on that as its another issue that lead to my depression). My GPs are useless as everytime its a different one and I have to explain my conditions. I'm seeing the other councellor tomorrow, so I am requesting not to see her and I am still waiting for HV even though my lb is nearly 5 months old.
The counsellor btw has no idea that lb has problems keeping his feed down and has been looking for excuses since I first saw her. she has made me uncomfortable on a number of occasions and has never once offered support to my face rather does refferrals then tells me a few days later.

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