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eatplaysleep Mon 03-Nov-14 12:22:33

I'm really struggling to think of a variety of lunch ideas for my 8 month old. Would rather it be something cold that we can easily take out with us as he always has a really good hot dinner with plenty of veggies. Feel free to share an average week of lunches in your household and hopefully myself and others in similar situation can gain some inspiration!


wheresthelight Mon 03-Nov-14 13:15:55

cheese spread sarnies were a favourite for dd (now 14 months), cold pizza, she is completely addicted to wotsits - and they wash out where the stupid carrot crisps don't!!! baby ploughman's - chopped up cheese chunks, crackers, slide of bread

HenriettaTurkey Mon 03-Nov-14 13:18:59

Hummus and carrot/pepper/ cucumber sticks (cucumber especially good when teething) with pitta cut into fingers. Also guacamole if it doesn't make you gag...bleurgh.


Omelette (not cold, but still)

BonaDea Mon 03-Nov-14 13:21:58

Mine usually has lunch at home so that he can go for his nap shortly afterwards, so has soup with crusty bread, sweet potato jacket with beans and cheese, tortellini.

Cold we have sandwiches, pitta with homous and dippy things, a cold chicken leg or wing to gnaw on (he loved that particularly around the age you are describing - cook long and slow in advance adn remove skin as that doesn't keep cold), cold pasta in a tupperware works well to go out.

Monstertots Mon 03-Nov-14 14:28:42

If you use dips do you pre-dip the carrot sticks etc as can't imagine my ds dipping himself he just grabs things and puts straight into his mouth. Also have to limit what is on his tray otherwise he will just start to play with his food mashing it all together rather than eating it!

HenriettaTurkey Mon 03-Nov-14 16:15:06

I don't, to be honest. But maybe fingers of pitta breads with dips spread inside would be better. With a small tub of carrot/pepper/broccoli to accompany?

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