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Helping baby to move - boisterous toddler and small space

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Failedspinster Mon 03-Nov-14 09:43:07

Ladies, I have a problem. My two DS are 2.6 and 9 weeks, and our house is small, with little space. There's no room for a play pen/ travel cot or anything. I always put DS2 down on his mat to kick about when DS1 is napping. The rest of the time he is either on my knee or in a bouncy swing seat thing. However, now DS2 has started to have more energy - he flails about more, even when sleeping, and he seems to want to kick about more often, often while Ds1 is awake. The trouble is that I daren't put him on the floor while DS1 is there. DS1 is very boisterous and the sitting room is TINY - it would be too dangerous. We don't have the option of using other rooms and there's no room for a play pen or travel cot or anything or we literally couldn't get round the room.

I know this need for DS2 to be able to move is only going to get more pressing, so has anyone got any ideas? Really grateful for help as my normally placid DS2 is currently burning off his excess energy by flailing and yelling non-stop!

Littlef00t Mon 03-Nov-14 10:08:19

Hmm, how toddler proof is the living room? Hang out with baby in bed and leave toddler to it for short times in living room? Baby won't be rolling yet so safe while you check on toddler?

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